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Emma Watson Reveals Why She Turned Down Cinderella, and Why Belle Resonated So Much With Her

We know that Beauty and the Beast wasn't the first live-action Disney film Emma Watson was offered, having also been offered the chance to play Cinderella in the film that ultimately starred Lily James. What we didn't really know, however, was what prompted Watson to turn down Cinderella while saying yes to Belle. As the "tale as old as time" gets closer to release, Watson is finally talking about that other Disney princess.

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Things We Saw Today: Beetlejuice Comes to Broadway

But only if you say his name three times first.

Beetlejuice may not be returning in the form of a sequel any time soon (even though we keep asking Winona Ryder about it), but the musical will be coming to Broadway for the 2018-2019 theater season. Warner Brothers will be producing and Alex Timbers will direct.

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Princes with Personality: From Prince Charming to Flynn Rider

Princes aren't what they used to be, and that's a good thing.

Princesses are everywhere these days, playing a variety of social roles that bear little resemblance to those of decades past. But what about their princes? How have they changed with the times? Snow White's Prince is just there to be a prince and that's all he needs to be, while Flynn/Eugene is bursting with identity, personality, and humor. As the roles of women have changed in society, the expectations for the role of "prince" have changed as well.

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Everafter: From the Pages of Fables Brings the Fables Universe Back to Vertigo

Now with 100% more spies!

If you were a fan of Bill Willingham and Mark Buckingham’s fairy tale comic series Fables and were sorry to see it end a year ago, there's some good news! There will be more stories from the Fables universe coming from Vertigo Comics!

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Gather ‘Round for Some Feminist Fairytales, a New Web Series

A bit tired of those beauty-as-goodness and marriage-as-happiness themes we see in fairytales? Feminist Fairytales is a web series that retells some classic fairytales with a feminist twist.

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Linguists Analyze Every Disney Princess Movie, to Somewhat Depressing Results


In considering the Disney princess roster, I've always felt that the "Disney Renaissance" movies--The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, Pocahontas, and Mulan--offered better representation for young fans than Snow White, Cinderella, and Sleeping Beauty, if only because Renaissance princesses at least have more diverse desires than their predecessors.

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Through the Looking Glass: Makeovers in Fairytales and YA

The makeover is one of the most powerful and controversial tropes in Young Adult fiction. Makeovers are the stuff of deep wish fulfillment, and though the nature of these wishes and modes of transformation may have changed, makeovers still speak not only to the enduring power of beauty, but to our discomfort with its conventions as well.

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Disney Attempting to Make Pinocchio a Literal Real Boy, Developing a Live-Action Adaptation

Who wished upon a star for this? WHO?

Well, Disney can never be accused of fixin' something that ain't broke. Or something. Anyway, they are now developing a live-action Pinocchio so they can continue the successful wave of live-action adaptations that includes Maleficent and the current Cinderella.

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[UPDATED] Queen Cate Blanchett to Interviewer: “That’s Your Question? That’s Your F*cking Question?”


As someone who's generally terrified of conducting interviews, I usually try to rationalize by asking myself "what's the worst that could happen?" THIS IS THE WORST THAT COULD HAPPEN.

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Despite Its Flaws, Ever After Holds Up As A Magical Cinderella Story

Way better than that new one.

The recent success of Disney’s Cinderella was for me, a disappointment. Big and beautiful to look at, featuring a more-than-solid performance by the Great Cate Blanchett, it was also a shallow, unnecessary, and highlighted the story’s fundamental problems as a story targeted at little girls. One of the most frequent comments I saw about the film were comparisons to 1998’s Ever After.

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Things We Saw Today: A Closer Look At Chris Pratt’s Jurassic World Raptor Gang


Their names: Charlie, Blue, Delta, and Echo. What are the chances I am going to grow very attached to these four and then one of them's going to die Hedwig-style and I am going to cry?

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The Problem With Lindalee

She'll only be a cute kid for so long, but she may have these values the rest of her life.

Her Doctor Who reviews and interviews are great. But seeing her in a context beyond Doctor Who shines a spotlight on the things that can go very wrong when a parent allows a small child to get caught up in the hoopla of the entertainment industry and internet fame. I really hope this isn't a sign of things to come. I'd hate for us to lose an awesome, smart Whovian and get stuck with a future host of Fashion Police instead.

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Review: Cinderella Is Beautiful But Bibbity Bobbity Boring

Expect to love-hate (or hate-love) this movie.

Let's get this out of the way: I do not hate the story or idea of Cinderella.

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Sarah Michelle Gellar Rapping As Cinderella Is Everything You Could Want In The World Ever

Sarah Michelle Gellar. Rapping. As Cinderella. You heard me.

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Kenneth Branagh Ranks the Disney Princesses, Forgets Some Big Ones

Disney's got a large canon under their belt, so it goes without saying that different people are going to be carrying around differing opinions on what films and characters top the rest. But I'mma go ahead and call shenanigans on Kenneth Branagh's ranking of the Disney princesses.

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Cinderella’s Academy-Award Winning Costume Designer Tells Us About The Film’s Amazing Dresses

Want. Waaant.

Way back in the fall, Disney brought a special exhibit to Toronto filled with the incredible costumes they used in their new live-action Cinderella. Our own Sam Maggs got the chance to check it out, and to speak with Oscar-winning designer Sandy Powell about her inspiration for the outfits.

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Lily James Defends Her Cinderella Corset, Does Not Instill Me With Confidence

Back in December we were baffled by this Disney promotional image for the upcoming live-action Cinderella film in which Lily James is either the victim of some over-zealous photoshop or a really weird optical illusion.

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The Trailer For Frozen Fever Gives Us Hints Of A New Song From Anna And Elsa

I'm pretty sure the entire northeast has frozen fever to be honest.

If you check out the new live-action Cinderella on March 13th, you'll also catch the animated short that precedes it—Frozen Fever, a brand-new story from about our favorite ice queen attempting to plan a birthday party for her sister. Everyone is back, including Kristen Bell, Adele Dazeem Idina Menzel, and the original film songwriters.

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This Cinderella Transformation Is the Most Magical Cosplay

Bibbiddi Bobbiddi damn.

I am a big enthusiast of practical effects over CGI, and this incredible Cinderella cosplay proves my point perfectly. All she needs are a couple of little mice to scurry by in-progress and it would be perfect. Beautiful work by Bubbly Bee Cosplays!

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Huh, The New Cinderella Trailer Actually Makes The Movie Looks Much Better

Nice to see Xaro Xhoan Daxos got out of that vault!

Although, as I've said before, casting Richard Madden as the handsome prince who tosses aside his arranged marriage for love of a commoner is going to backfire on them considerably. Sure he's a great actor, but the second his king dad says "You must marry for the good of the kingdom" everyone in the theater is going to yell "OH GODS JUST DO IT THIS TIME WE CAN'T BEAR THE PAIN AGAIN."

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