Paolo Montalbán and Brandy as the best Cinderella couple. (Image: ABC/Disney.)


Impossible things are happening every day!

After 25 years (and a mini-renaissance of Cinderella Stories), the greatest “Cinderella,” Brandy, is reprising her role in a new movie in the Disney Descendants franchise!

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Technically, this is not the first time Brandy has reprised her role, having made a magical music video tribute with singer/dancer/songwriter/YouTuber Todrick Hall in honor of the Disney+ release of the 1997 Cinderella musical she starred in. But it is still the first time she will play the role in a more “official” capacity.

Some fans of Descendants may have questions about the casting given “Chad Charming” has already been a recurring character in the franchise and is more in line with the animated Cinderella’s appearance. However, this is also Roger and Hammerstein’s Cinderella we’re talking about, where Whoopi Goldberg and Victor Garber had a son played by Paolo Montalbán; if anything, the color-blind casting makes it more appropriate—and it could mean Cinderella adopted an orphan like herself.

According to Disney+ on Twitter, we also have Rita Ora playing the Queen of Hearts, Kylie Cantrall as “Red, daughter of the Queen of Hearts,” Malia Baker as “Chloe, daughter of Cinderella and Prince Charming,” Dara Renee as “Ulya, younger sister of Uma and daughter of Ursulla,” Ruby Rose Turner as “Bridget, the young Queen of Hearts,” Morgan Dudley as “Ella, young Cinderella,” Joshua Colley as Hook.

The official Disney+ account also announced that the movie is called The Pocketwatch and is being billed as “an upcoming DisneyPlus Original movie from the world of Disney Descendants.” This is likely to be a spinoff of the main 3 movies, as the Fairy Godmother and Uma are the only characters stated to be reprising their roles at this time.

The plot, according to IMDb, “Follows Red, daughter of the Queen of Hearts, and Chloe, daughter of Cinderella, as they team up to save Auradon by traveling in back in time using the White Rabbit’s pocket watch, to stop an event that would cause grave consequences.” Given the fact that the Queen of Hearts and Cinderella have younger counterparts, it’s possible that we’ll be seeing the two of them as friends and/or enemies. And since the adult versions are being played by well-known singers, I am expecting an over-the-top sing-off in true Descendants fashion.

In any case, I’m glad all my wishing came true, and we get to see the princess reclaim her glass shoe once more.

(featured image: Disney)

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