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This Woman Takes Selfies With the Men Who Catcall Her

It's both badass & disturbing.

The project is meant to shine a light on the prevalence of street harassment since, as she wrote in her inaugural post, "many people still don't know how often and in whatever context 'catcalling' happens." Jansma posted 24 pictures in one month, and that's not even all the men who harassed her. She says there were other men who either got away too fast or made her feel too unsafe to ask for a selfie.

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Henry Cavill Says There’s “a Bit of a Double Standard” Surrounding Street Harassment

During an interview with The Sunday Times, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice's Henry Cavill somehow wound up talking about catcalling.

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Things We Saw Today: Ryan Reynolds Wants Deadpool to Have a Boyfriend

Ryan Reynolds thinks it would be "nice" to see Deadpool in a same-sex romantic relationship: "I certainly wouldn’t be the guy standing in the way of that. That would be great."

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Listen to Las Hijas de Violencia’s “Sexista Punk” in Full

Like Pussy Riot in Russia, Las Hijas de Violencia (The Daughters of Violence) in Mexico are a feminist arts collective that take on all manner of misogyny while rocking out. Earlier today, we shared a post with you from our friends at Runway Riot who posted an awesome mini-documentary on the group. While that mini-doc is going viral right now, the song used in it - "Sexista Punk" - was released in the fall of last year, and these ladies have been going strong since 2014.

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Fathers React to Their Daughters Being Catcalled…but They Shouldn’t Have To.

What about all those times women reacted to catcalling by saying they hated it?

Last month, we showed you a video from Cosmopolitan showing us boyfriends reacting to their girlfriends being catcalled. TMS' Carolyn Cox had...feelings about that. Now, The Scene has decided to make a similar video. This time, it's fathers watching their daughters get catcalled. And yes, I have feelings about this. Video after the jump.

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Someone Thought of the Men! Dudes Tell Cosmopolitan How Street Harassment Makes Them Feel

When I first saw this video floating around the series of tubes, its title definitely had me concerned.

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Enthusiastic Catcaller Appears in Video Segment on New York’s Anti-Catcalling Signs

"How would you call a dog?" "Same way."

Last week, we wrote about a series of Anti-Catcalling signs placed throughout the five boroughs by Feminist Apparel in an attempt to “raise awareness of Anti-Street Harassment Week and create some further dialogue surrounding the issue,” and, well, this video segment on the signs certainly gets the conversation going.

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New Signs Decree New York and Philadelphia “No Catcall Zones”

That cat has lasers for eyes and it knows what to do with 'em.

If you've been noticing new signs on your commute recently, you're not alone—in honor of Anti-Street Harassment Week (April 12th-18th), nonprofit clothing company Feminist Apparel and the Pennsylvania collective Pussy Division have placed signs throughout Brooklyn, Manhattan and Philly decreeing city streets a catcall-free zone.

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Sweet Revenge: Adult Wednesday Addams Punishes Her Catcallers

Stop telling Wednesdays to smile.

Like many of the other videos that have helped raise awareness of street harassment in recent months, Wednesday Addams' response to her catcallers might not be perfect, but it's a super refreshing change to see a video that doesn't just depict street harassers as people of color.

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The Daily Show‘s Jessica Williams Continues Her Beautiful Assault On Catcalling

"Jessica's Feminized Atmosphere" is the name of my Alanis Morisette cover band.

Apparently some people didn't get the hint last month when Jessica Williams discussed the annoying and often scary encounter that is catcalling to a captivated Daily Show audience—but then, what else is new? So she decided to follow up with a fantastic taped segment, complete with hidden camera and a giant panel of women recounting their own (really disgusting) experiences. Bless you, Jessica Williams. Bless you, Jessica Williams. We'd follow you into your feminized atmosphere any day.

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The Daily Show’s Jessica Williams Hilariously Destroys Catcalls

Too bad she can't literally destroy catcalls, but we can dream.

Sexism in politics!? No way! It's almost like there's some kind of invisible, institutional machine holding back real progress on these issues! Weird. The Daily Show's Jessica Williams isn't going to just let it slide, though.

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The “Smile B****” Training Camp”: Never Ruin A Man’s Day With Your Sad Face Again! [Video]


I suspect that for many of our readers (I'm tempted to say especially those who live in larger cities, although let's be honest, chauvinistic stupidity knows no geographical bounds), being ordered to smile by strange men is at least a daily occurrence.

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Stephen Colbert Breaks Character, Talks to Girls About Catcalling

No truthiness here, friends.

In their "Ask a Grown Person" segment, Rookie Magazine interviews celebrities by giving them questions to answer from young people seeking advice. This time around, they've enlisted the help of Stephen Colbert.

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