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Things We Saw Today: Ryan Reynolds Wants Deadpool to Have a Boyfriend


Ryan Reynolds, who’s already begun to push for an X-Force follow-up to the not-even-out-yet Deadpool movie, thinks it would be “nice” to see Deadpool in a same-sex romantic relationship: “I certainly wouldn’t be the guy standing in the way of that. That would be great.” This would be a first — although Deadpool is canonically pansexual, usually the depiction of his sexuality hasn’t gone beyond throwaway jokes. (via Variety)

  • Speaking of Deadpool, apparently the Merc with a Mouth is a feminist! At least, he is according to current Deadpool comic book writer Gerry Duggan: “I’d like to think the Deadpool I write for the comics is. History will decide, and I shall not get to vote. Someone tweeted at me that Shiklah and Agent Preston passed the Bechdel test in the ‘Wedding Of Deadpool,’ so I’d like to think it’s true. Is this mansplaining?” (via HitFix)
  • Cyberbullies tend to also be bullies in their offline lives as well, according to research shared in a new book by Dr. Conor McGuckin. (via
  • Jackie Earle Haley of Watchmen fame has just joined the cast of Preacher. He’ll play the role of Odin Quincannon. (via CBR)
  • Flight of the Conchords‘ Jemaine Clement doesn’t much care for men’s rights activists or pick-up artistry, if these tweets are any indication.
  • Here’s J.K. Rowling advising a fan on how to deal with real-life Dementors (e.g. depression).
  • Let’s watch some cats doing catcalls, shall we?

What’d you see out there on the internet today?

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