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Enthusiastic Catcaller Appears in Video Segment on New York’s Anti-Catcalling Signs

"How would you call a dog?" "Same way."

Last week, we wrote about a series of Anti-Catcalling signs placed throughout the five boroughs by Feminist Apparel in an attempt to “raise awareness of Anti-Street Harassment Week and create some further dialogue surrounding the issue,” and, well, this video segment on the signs certainly gets the conversation going.

As we saw last November with Hollaback’s video on New York street harassment, it’s important for anti-catcalling activists to look at the problem inclusively and ensure that, as Roxane Gay puts it, bad politics aren’t being used to make an important point. I’m not sure that the editing on this clip doesn’t erase a lot of the nuanced issues surrounding catcalling (nor did I really expect it to, given its length and focus), but if nothing else, the video is an indication that Feminist Apparel’s signs are definitely creating a dialogue.


(via Daily Dot)

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