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The “Smile B****” Training Camp”: Never Ruin A Man’s Day With Your Sad Face Again! [Video]


I suspect that for many of our readers (I’m tempted to say especially those who live in larger cities, although let’s be honest, chauvinistic stupidity knows no geographical bounds), being ordered to smile by strange men is at least a daily occurrence.

I’ve found the “smile, princess” catcall to be a particular breed of insidious ass-hattery, since it can be a challenge to explain why being told to look happier by a man I don’t know is so violating. Isn’t it kind of sweet when a stranger wants you to visibly cheer up? No. No, it’s not–and this awesome video from comedian Janelle James perfectly explains why. Thank you, James, and thank you, Smile Bitch Training Camp! Now is there a program where I can learn how to read alone at a bar in peace?

(via Jezebel)

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