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How the Most Progressive Moments in My Favorite Cartoons Shaped My Feminism

I don't think any feminist voyage starts out perfectly; mine certainly didn't. It took me years to realize that I was oppressed as a neurodivergent woman, and even longer to realize I had privileges as an able-bodied white person. It's been a very topsy-turvy journey that has both empowered and humbled me.

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Steven Universe‘s “Gem Harvest” Revisited

On aspirational versus topical representation, and other heady stuff.

It's been a hard few weeks, huh? I hope you'll all try a little thought experiment with me.

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8 Times Futurama Dropped the Ball on Gender

Gender identity is a subject where the writers of Futurama often stuck their feet in their mouths.

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Steven Universe Recap: “Three Gems and a Baby”

Okay, but mostly the title is making me sad about Leonard Nimoy again.

This some A-grade Steven Universe right here. In that it is both sweet and horrifying and tearjerking within a single two-minute span.

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Gravity Falls Rewatch: “Little Gift Shop of Horrors”

You gonna buy something or what?

Steven Universe will be back soon, so this might be our last trip to the Falls for a little while.

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Steven Universe Recap: “Gem Harvest”

This episode probably plays great in the Berenstein universe.

I just wanted to recap a nice, comforting episode. Why this...?

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Steven Universe Recap: Season Four Shorts

We can still believe in Steven.

Steven Universe isn’t actually back until next week. But I know I could use a reminder that there’s good in the world, and I figure all of you could too. So we’re coming back a little bit early to talk about the shorts released a few weeks back, which collectively make up the runtime of an average episode.

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Gravity Falls Rewatch: “Sock Opera”



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Gravity Falls Rewatch: “The Golf War”

RIP, Big Henry.

I really like Pacifica - I only wish this wasn't the last time we saw her spending much time with Mabel.

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Gravity Falls Rewatch: “Into the Bunker”

You know what kids love? The Thing!

Farewell, overlong crush subplot. Hello rampant unchecked body horror.

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Gravity Falls Rewatch: “Scary-oke”

It's about sounding terrible TOGETHER!

Steven Universe is on hiatus, and I can't bear to leave you hanging. How about a familiar favorite?

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“I Don’t Care About Rules”: The Clone Wars and the Feminist Redemption of Padme Amidala

What if there was more to Padmé Amidala than her brutally mishandled final act? Actually, there is, thanks to The Clone Wars.

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When the Girl Next Door Is a Fly: How The Buzz on Maggie Trashed Gender Stereotypes

With its fly protagonist and empowering, visually arresting messages, The Buzz on Maggie threw gendered tropes in the garbage. The aromatic, savory, delicious garbage.

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Steven Universe Recap: Mindful Education

Estelle. Singing. This is not a drill.

There are few things more refreshing than seeing children’s media acknowledge that feeling negative emotions is a part of life.

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How Wander Over Yonder Fell Through the Cracks

And why we'll always miss it.

Cancelled just as it was beginning to find its niche, Wander Over Yonder was a gem of a series that its network didn't quite know how to handle. Let me tell you what you missed.

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Why the 2016 Election Shows We Need BoJack Horseman More Than Ever

Even assholes are capable of great kindness.

It’s officially Trump vs. Hillary this year, and ever since the primaries, my Facebook feed has been filled with politics. I’ve seen the general attitude move from excitement to confusion, to helplessness, and anger. Now that we’re down to the final two, tensions are higher than ever. It’s so easy to reduce friends and strangers alike to nothing more than dupes of "the enemy." Which is why we need more shows like BoJack Horseman.

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Why BoJack Horseman Is TV’s Most Successful Antihero

We hope the rest of the industry's taking notes.

What sets Bojack apart more than anything else is its treatment of its lead character, and how the world refuses to ever let him off the hook for all the terrible things he’s done.

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Steven Universe Recap: “Bismuth”

Here's to 100 episodes of feelings!

I haven't seen this heavy a discussion of ethics in space warfare since Animorphs.

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Steven Universe Recap: “Steven vs. Amethyst”


This is the most Steven Universe approach to fighting I've ever seen. I dig it.

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Steven Universe Recap: Crack the Whip

Oh good! You didn't need me at all...

The redemption train officially needs a long stopover in beatdown town.

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