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Beastars Is Returning, So Let’s Celebrate Some Anthropomorphic Cuties (and Thirst Traps)

This ain't the first time animation has made attractive anthropomorphic characters.
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Before we begin, the trailer for Beastars season 2, which is returning (in Japan):

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Now let’s all admit to ourselves that this ain’t the first time animation has made attractive anthropomorphic characters. In fact, I grew up surrounded by cute and, let’s be honest, HOT non-human characters. That’s kinda what happens when you give a winged gargoyle the voice of Keith David. Like. Come on, now. 


And this wasn’t something birthed by anime. A lot of folks like to do the “Japan dur hur hur” thing when they see something they dub as “weird,” but well before releases like Beastars and BNA: Brand New Animal, we’ve had decades of anthropomorphic characters. In fact, most of this list consists of characters created here. 

There’s a vague order of this from “cute” to “oh my daaaaamn” but I dunno, my tastes fluctuate quite often. You’ll probably also recognize some obvious “I called this character cool as a child because I didn’t know what a girl crush was yet” picks. 

  • This particular Rescue Ranger


Golly, this adorable inventor mouse spoke to my kid self. Easily excitable, not always on top of her game but still trying, Gadget was so … cool

  • Those Tiny, Toony, Looney girls

Squad goals!

Initially, I had Babs written for this entry because of course I did, but thinking about the series as a whole I remembered my girls Fifi, Shirley, and how I used to walk around saying “Oh what a loon I am.” Another group of ladies who were cool. We stan girl friendship in this house.

  • Disney’s take on Robin Hood

Eat the rich!

I had to apologize to my wife for forgetting about him, but yes, who doesn’t have a soft spot for a charismatic fox who steals from a rich, bratty prince and gives back to poor woodland creatures?

  • Spin it!

An icon.

A single mama bear who runs her own business, is always on point with her look, and constantly puts the lead character in his place? You already know, y’all. Rebecca was supremely cool

  • The dinosaur with the varsity jacket

His name would’ve been all over my notebook.

Sometimes I think this series was a fever dream until Twitter brings up those supremely sad girl hours because of the finale. This series did, indeed, happen, justifying my prehistoric crush at the tender age of 8. It’s the varsity jacket for me.

  • The adventurous lombax 

Adventure lombax vibes!

Ratchet is so unintentionally charming, the spunky adventurer that plays off the more reserved Clank. It’s also fun playing as him in the games, using wacky gadgets to blast through space.

Also can we talk about the new lombax like who is she???

New lombax who dis?

  • The Kats with a K

I can already hear the guitar in my head.

Ok, when I say cool this time I really mean it because Swat Kats was grunge guitar riff cool. I loved the dynamic between the two but I was more of a fan of T-Bone cuz him big and him a good boy. And like a predictable disaster bi here are some ladies because ahhhhh the ladies.




  • Bucky! Captain Bucky O’Hare!

He goes where no ordinary rabbit would dare.

This is one of those series I was so into as a kid that my friends and I would pretend that we were part of the universe. We’d pretend to hang out with Bucky and his crew all the time. I adored that galactic green rabbit. And that’s the only character I—

… fine, FINE, here’s Jenny. 

Why do they keep doing this to me?!

Dear young Bri,

I’m sorry you wouldn’t realize your clear bisexual agenda until adulthood.


Adult Bri

  • The ladies of Sonic the Hedgehog (SatAM)

There’s not enough of these two.

Listen. I spent so much time being bummed out that Princess Sally and Bunnie Rabbot weren’t regular characters in the video games. I loved everything about them. Their looks. Their personalities. Their voices. I waited CENTURIES for another season but, alas, it wasn’t meant to be. I’m still bitter about it. Yes, there are comics but that cartoon cliffhanger is unforgivable.

  • Give me back my “Tale As Old As Time”

I’d react the same way to this many birds tbh.

Can I be honest with y’all? I was high key disappointed with his prince look. I liked him better as a beast. 

  • Don’t ever call me doll

No explanation needed.

The animators knew what they were doing with this one. I shouldn’t even have to explain myself here. 

  • Several Star Fox characters. Like. SEVERAL.

Especially in Smash Brothers.

Star Fox.


Star Wolf.



  • Easter never looked so good

Happy Easter indeed.

A big warrior rabbit voiced by Hugh Jackman who has serious tension with the white-haired male lead? I was doomed from the start. 

  • Come through Kovu stans

Come. On. Now. They. KNEW!

Like … this was intentional, right? He’s the dark, forbidding lion your parents tell you to stay away from when, in reality, he’s just misunderstood. 

  • This particular version of Catwoman 

We have very different definitions of hideous here.

Were we really supposed to think that this was a monstrous, unpleasant form? This is like when they give an attractive celebrity glasses, mess up her hair, put her in frumpy clothes, and say “here’s your ugly lead before the makeover.” 

And Tygrus? Yeah. He could’ve stayed in the series.

  • Thunder thunder thunder thunder CATS!


Cheetara in particular because … like … ma’am. Ma’am PLEASE. 

  • Stone by day. Warriors by night.

This isn’t even everyone.

I’m sorry. I realized that I couldn’t just give this to Goliath. Don’t get me wrong, Goliath is, PHEW, but there are many attractive gargoyles throughout the series. And look. They know. Goliath and Elisa were totes in love, ok?

  • This whale. Yep. A whale.

Let the training commence.

In a world where 80% of the population has some kind of superpower, you’re bound to run into some interesting characters, but LORD I was not prepared for this large whale in a well-pressed suit. 

  • Breath of the Wild. That’s it. Send tweet.

Can we just … I mean … the creature designs. So many good creature designs! Like this:

Golden Lynel has entered the chat.

And this:

All the Rito are gorgeous tbh.



Then they had the nerve to give them extremely likable personalities? If anyone was stunned about Shape of Water, I’m convinced it’s because they hadn’t met the Zora prince yet.

You’re amazing and wonderful and I hope you have a good day!


How could I forget?!


HOW COULD I FORGET?!?! I’m so sorry. I have failed this website and its readers.


“Bri where’s Zootopia?” I actually haven’t seen it. Yep. I missed the boat on that one. I’ve probably missed the boat on a lot of characters so go wild in the comments! 

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