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Gal Gadot Says That Brett Ratner Is Officially off Wonder Woman 2

Brett Ratner will not be attached to Wonder Woman 2.

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Why It’ll Be a While Before We See Any Mad Max: Fury Road Sequels

All we want in this wide world is more Imperator Furiosa, so the fact that a lawsuit is delaying the Mad Max follow-ups from happening might give George Miller the time he needs to rethink her involvement.

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Gal Gadot Won’t Sign on to Wonder Woman 2 If Accused Harasser Brett Ratner Is Involved

Gal Gadot is reportedly refusing to sign on for the Wonder Woman sequel until accused sexual harasser Brett Ratner is removed from the production. As a source told Page Six: "They can’t have a movie rooted in women’s empowerment being part-financed by a man ­accused of sexual misconduct against women."

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Things We Saw Today: Season Five Footage from Agents of SHIELD, and They’re in Space!

Footage from the fifth season of Agents of SHIELD, first shown at San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC) back in July, is finally available online, and the team is in SPAAAACE!

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Warner Bros. Severs Ties With Ratner—Ratner Suing Woman for Libel

After five women came forward to accuse Ratner of sexual harassment and assault, Warner Brothers have officially cut ties with the director.

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Jared Leto Is Playing Hugh Hefner In Brett Ratner’s Biopic & I Need a Shower After Just Typing Those Words

In what feels like a prank of an announcement, Jared Leto will star as Hugh Hefner in a biopic produced and directed by Brett Ratner. That team-up is a perfect storm designed specifically to make me throw up inside my mouth.

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Brett Ratner Thinks It’s Rotten Tomatoes, Not His Movies, That’s Destroying the Film Industry

Agree to disagree.

Brett Ratner has spent a lot of time over the years of his career as a producer and director publicly declaring his excuses for why his movies are get such bad reviews. You’d think it would be enough to just state the obvious: They’re bad movies. Boom. Case closed. But no, Ratner has gone on […]

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Strap On Your Loin Cloths, It’s Time for a Hercules Gif Review

Pure Oscar material.

After a weekend of intense internal debate, yesterday I decided to hop on the bus, schlep to the theater, and see Hercules. After all, I justified to myself, it has Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson! Surely it will at least be entertaining! My subconscious was screaming in the background—But Brett Ratner. It's directed by Brett Ratner!—but I did not listen. I should have. Because Hercules was bad. And it needed to be worse. (Warning: Spoilers within.)

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Kevin Sorbo Is Mortally Offended That Brett Ratner Didn’t Give Him a Hercules Cameo

Poor-bo Sorbo.

Kevin Sorbo didn't a cameo in the new The Rock-starring Hercules, and he is DISAPPOINTTEEEEEDDD.

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Bryan Singer Still Thinks Superman Returns Failed Because He Tried to Make it for Women

Faster than a speeding bullet!

In 2011 Bryan Singer gave a interview in which he revealed some of the reasons why he thought Superman Returns failed critically and at the box office, and among them he included what he considered an attempt to make a Superman film to interest the Devil Wears Prada crowd: i.e., women. And while Singer's language isn't that of blaming, I still wish he'd come up with a different wording in the intervening years between then and now, when in the newest issue of Empire Magazine he says again that Superman Returns was a movie made for a female audience.

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Just FYI: Hailee Steinfeld Is Starring In A Movie About a Teenage Assassin

Cautiously Optimistic

It's a slow news day, and the only real thing that's come out is that Hayao Miyazaki is retiring, which is sad-making. So what I have for you now might not be big news, but if you're anything like me it'll put a smile on your face. Hailee Steinfeld is playing a teenage assassin in a movie called Barely Lethal. Her mentor? None other than Samuel L. Jackson.

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Bryan Singer: I’ll “Repair” Things From The Last Stand in Days of Future Past

Mutatis Mutandis

Good going, Singer. The first step to fixing a problem with your franchise is admitting there is one.

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Brett Ratner’s Making a FarmVille TV Show, And There’s Nothing You Can Do About It

Are you sick of hearing about J.J. Abrams directing things? Yeah, us too. Here's the problem, though -- all the other news about other people signing on to projects is much, much worse. Case in point: because absolutely no one demanded it, you're getting a FarmVille TV series produced by no less a luminary than Brett Ratner, so abandon all  hope ye who enter here. It's a pretty inspired choice, we have to admit -- a man whose movies everyone watches and no one admits to watching paired with a video game many people play, but no one admits to playing for a TV show that probably no one will watch, but we'll bet still gets more episodes than Do No Harm.

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Things We Saw Today: LEGO Nausicaä of the Valley of the Winds

Things We Saw Today

John Hall created this wonderfully accurate model of the gunship of the Valley of the Wind, complete with Nausicaä herself in the cockpit. (Geekosystem)

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Things We Saw Today: Harley Quinn Is Sad About Her Revamp Outfit

Things We Saw Today

Dresden Codak artist Aaron Diaz gives us the spin-off saga to the DC revamp that has to exist: Tales of the Uncomfortable for ComicsAlliance. (via Aficionado of the Underrated and Unconventional)

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Brett Ratner: Quitting the Oscars While He’s A(butt)head

And All Was Right With the World

To the surprise of probably no one, Brett Ratner has stepped down from his job producing next year's Oscars ceremony after a public bout of verbal diarrhea. Okay, snark aside, the director of Tower Heist (and a bunch of other movies that were never meant to be smart) gave up his plum gig after using a homophobic slur to describe something as silly and unnecessary as rehearsing scenes with actors. Just days before that, he used his publicity tour as a megaphone to make sexist comments about Olivia Munn and then deny them. So, let it be known: We will now be spared an Oscar broadcast that celebrates Ratner's heterosexuality. And now we are left to wonder: Who can replace Brett Ratner as the producer of the Oscars? Um, anyone. The answer is "Anyone at all."

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Brett Ratner Bashes Matthew Vaughn Over X-Men: First Class, Might Be Jealous

Oh Hollywood

Looks like someone is a little bitterpants this morning. Brett Ratner, who directed the X-Men: The Last Stand, took to Twitter this morning to post a series of links comparing the box office numbers of his movie to those of Matthew Vaughn's just-opened X-Men: First Class. You may recall that Ratner's movie, which he would love to remind us all was successful at the box office, got pretty awful reviews. Meanwhile, X-Men: First Class has been getting mostly positive reviews. (Right now, it has an 87% rating at Rotten Tomatoes. X-Men: The Last Stand boasts a comparatively sad 57%.) So, the moral of the story according to Brett Ratner: His craptastic movie is superior to that good movie because it made more money. So it shall be written. So it shall be done.

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Matthew Vaughn is Directing X-Men: First Class in a Year

It's official: Matthew Vaughn, director of Kick-Ass and Stardust, is at the helm of X-Men: First Class, the reboot of the X-Men movie franchise. This new prequel film (a long the same world-exploring lines as Wolverine: Origins) will "chart the epic beginning of the X-Men saga," which probably means Professor X and Magneto as young rebellious allegory-for-civil-rights-leaders.

This dashes our dreams of watching a movie where the X-Men sit at the front of an airplane for two and a half hours, enjoying complementary drinks.

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