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Things We Saw Today: LEGO Nausicaä of the Valley of the Winds

Things We Saw Today

John Hall created this wonderfully accurate model of the gunship of the Valley of the Wind, complete with Nausicaä herself in the cockpit. (Geekosystem)

Blizzard revealed the female character models for the Pandaren race, new in their upcoming expansion Mists of Pandaria. And while they’re not quite as round as the male models for the same race, this habitual player of female dwarves welcomes another big hipped model into the Alliance fold (though the race will be available to the Horde, too). (Also if you choose a brown/white color scheme instead of a black/white color scheme, you get a tail like a red panda so, like, who on earth is going to be playing a black/white panda, really?) (WoW Insider)

Stalwart Sidekick on tumblr has mashed up The Avengers with Mean Girls. You can read the other two panels here. (Melissa Kay)

  • Scott Lobdell, writer of Red Hood and the Outlaws for DC, was interviewed by USA Today about the upcoming plot events in his book. And he had a lot to say about the character and character development of the Red Hood, his training, mentors, and struggles with being a former Robin. Starfire, one third of the team? “Jason and Roy wind up going along and are shocked to discover that their cute little bikini-clad friend is actually one of the most feared and respected commanders in all of space.” Then again, he doesn’t mention Roy’s character development at all, so maybe he needs a little focus too. Maybe everybody needs to stop thinking of the lady character’s physical characteristics first, writer and characters included. (via DC Women Kicking Ass)

The reaction to any television or movie version of a superhero costume is almost always overwhelmingly negative to begin with, which I guess is why the CW has released a picture of the Green Arrow costume for the Green Arrow pilot that doesn’t let you actually see the costume at all? (iFanboy)

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