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Pink’s Amazing VMA Speech (Or, Why I Wish Pink Were My Mom)

Pink gave us a little glimpse as to what an awesome mom she is to her daughter Willow in a speech at the VMAs last night.

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Betty Gilpin Wrote a Perfect Piece Called “What It’s Like to Have Pea-Sized Confidence With Watermelon-Sized Boobs”

Actress Betty Gilpin, a breakout for roles in GLOW and American Gods, wrote about her body in a way that has me smiling, sighing, laughing, and applauding.

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Roxane Gay’s Fatphobic Ordeal Reveals Cracks in Australian Journalist’s “Feminism”

Usually, when interviewers are speaking directly with a well-known writer and activist whose latest book deals with issues of which that writer has first-hand experience, the interviewer's best bet is to allow the writer to speak on the subject, giving them a platform rather than attempting to describe the experience themselves, or make the experience about themselves. This was not one of those times.

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Sarah Hyland Opened Up About Her Health Issues to Shut Down Bullying Body Shamers

Modern Family's Sarah Hyland was accused of 'promoting anorexia,' so she opened up about her recent health struggles to shut down body shamers.

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New Dove Campaign Wants to Break Moulds With New Moulds

Have you ever been in the shower, cleansing yourself of the remains of the day only to be confronted with unrealistic beauty standards as you reach for your Dove® Body Wash?

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Holy Crap, Suicide Squad Digitally Slimmed-Down Supermodel Cara Delevingne

Cara Delevingne's career began in modeling, where she's one of the best-known faces in fashion in the world. This wasn't enough for Suicide Squad, which decided to digitally alter her body to make her appear thinner.

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Victoria’s Secret Released a “What Is Sexy” List & Apparently “Sexy” Has a Very Narrow Definition

What is sexy, according to Victoria's Secret? If you guessed young, white, and thin, congratulations, you win the prize. (Your trophy is your own rage.)

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The New Ideal: Glamour Goes Without Photoshop In New Issue Staffed Entirely By Women

In what so many of us wish weren't a rarity, the February issue of Glamour is going Photoshop-free.

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Things We Saw Today: John Oliver Dives Into Scandals That Should Outrage You

John Oliver took on Clinton and Trump scandals in a 20-minute Last Week Tonight segment that you should probably watch before the big debate tonight.

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Leslie Jones Says Designers Won’t Dress Her for Ghostbusters Premier

Yesterday, Ghostbusters star and comedian Leslie Jones tweeted that there were no designers willing to dress her for the red carpet.

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Interview: Actress and Body Positivity Activist Jen Ponton Talks Her New Role on Netflix’s Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Tomorrow brings the return of one of our favorite rays of sunshine! Season Two of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt premieres tomorrow on Netflix, and Kimmy isn't the only ray of sunshine that will be on display. Comedy powerhouse Jen Ponton will be guest starring in an episode of Kimmy Schmidt in the role of "Baby Debbie," and she apparently gets to work with Jeff Goldblum! Already this sounds weird...but like, in a good way.

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President Obama and Misty Copeland Sit Down for Some Real Talk About Race and Body Image for Essence Magazine

Prepare for some inspiration-fueled squee. Here we have the black President of the United States and the black Principal Dancer of the American Ballet Theater chatting like the coolest besties ever and being classy as hell.

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Kate Winslet Recalls Being Told to Settle For “Fat Girl Parts,” Says “Look at Me Now”

Kate Winslet, who won her third BAFTA for her role in Steve Jobs, dedicated her award to young women who doubt themselves or struggle with insecurity.

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Fine, Let’s Talk About “DadBod Ken.”

*Cracks plastic knuckles*

Yesterday, Mattel revealed some drastic and awesome changes to the Barbie line. In addition to "original" (read: preposterously proportioned) Barbie, fans can now purchase "petite, tall, and curvy" dolls on

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Mattel Revamps Barbie, Releases Dolls with Three New Body Types as Part of Massive “Project Dawn” Overhaul

Project Dawn, coming next summer from Michael Bay!

Beginning today, Mattel will be selling Barbies with three new, diverse body types on alongside the "original," cartoonishly-proportioned Barbie. The "petite, tall and curvy" dolls were designed as part of the dramatically entitled "Project Dawn," led by Evelyn Mazzocco, head of the Barbie brand.

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Serena Williams Says She’s “Still Going” to Fans And Critics in Sportsperson of the Year Speech

Serena Williams was recently named Sports Illustrated's Sportsperson of the Year, and delivered a wonderful speech when she accepted her award.

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RunwayRiot, the Ultimate Inclusive Fashion Site, Continues to Make Waves

Have you joined the #RunwayRiot yet?

Last week we announced the launch of RunwayRiot, a new inclusive beauty and fashion blog for women of all sizes, and now we're pleased to say the Riot's first week has been an incredible success!

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Designers From Different Countries Photoshop the Same Model; Beauty Is Still Subjective, Apparently

It's a small world after all.

Women graphic designers around the world got asked to photoshop a model to make her "more attractive," not realizing their results would be used as part of a project by a UK pharmacy chain called Superdrug. Although the sample size is small, given that Superdrug only approached one designer from 18 different countries, the results show a lot of variation in what "more attractive" might mean.

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Modern Family‘s Ariel Winter Opens Up About Breast Reduction Surgery and Objectification in Hollywood

It's not easy being a woman in Hollywood. It's even harder when you're a 15 year old on one of America's most popular comedies and you've been "blessed" with an F cup. Such was the case for Modern Family's Ariel Winter, now 17, who recently underwent a breast reduction surgery. In an interview with People Magazine, she talks about the difficulties of being objectified at a young age and the physical and emotional pain that led to her decision.

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Instagram Has Un-Banned #Curvy

Post away!

Instagram recently banned the word "curvy" from their search, because of inappropriate images on the hashtag. However, many news sources and users pointed out that the ban came across as fat-shaming, especially since plenty of other pornographic and offensive hashtags were still alive and well.

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