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Can We Talk About How Ridiculous Marie Claire Was Being About Meghan Markle’s Singular Grey Hair?

Apparently, Marie Claire thinks Meghan Markle's grey hair (that's right. Hair. As in singular.) is worth an entire post that confirms everything terrible about gendered beauty standards even as it purports to be "relateable."

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Jennifer Lawrence’s Comments About Dress Backlash Remind Us That Feminism Isn’t Just About Individual Choice

Jennifer Lawrence is annoyed at people who are making an issue about her wearing a dress for her London photocall premiere, while her male co-stars were all in coats, boots, and other "weather appropriate" wear.

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Who Is the Butt of the Joke in I Feel Pretty?

When it comes to romantic comedies featuring plus-sized women, they are few and far between, and I'm pretty sure most of them star Queen Latifah. Body diversity is important in media and despite what I may feel about Amy Schumer part of what I did enjoy about Trainwreck was that her weight was not a factor in her bagging dudes. That's why it seems like such a step backward to see her in a film where her discomfort with her body is at the forefront in I Feel Pretty.

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Sports Illustrated 2018 Swimsuit Issue Puts Women in Control

The annual Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue is basically the gold standard for the straight male gaze in this country. Since, of course only men like sports, and men are only attracted to women, every year they trot out a special issue in which the manly-men who care about manly sports get to get a side of female cheesecake with their sports reporting. However, the issue's current (female!) editor, MJ Day is hoping to flip the script.

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Things We Saw Today: Sara Benincasa Offers Cash Prize to Any Journalist Who Asks Trump About Wakanda

Writer Sara Benincasa is offering $300 of her own money to any journalist who asks Trump during a press conference a serious question about Wakanda.

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Holy Crap, Suicide Squad Digitally Slimmed-Down Supermodel Cara Delevingne

Cara Delevingne's career began in modeling, where she's one of the best-known faces in fashion in the world. This wasn't enough for Suicide Squad, which decided to digitally alter her body to make her appear thinner.

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Playboy Is Putting Nudity Back In Their Magazine Amid Feminist Rebranding & Wow Is There a Lot to Unpack There

Playboy is bringing nudity back to their magazine, saying it was "a mistake" to remove it. What does that mean for their new feminist branding?

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Teen Girl’s “Sexy Gandalf” Costume Explodes the Internet…But Should It?

I am having some serious mixed feelings regarding a teenage girl's decision to dress up as "Sexy Gandalf." Maybe you can help me out.

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Man Suing Wife for Fraud Over Her Makeup Should Be Countersued for Fraudulently Claiming to Love Her

Pretty easy to see who the real fraud is.

In "I can't believe this is really happening; get me off this planet" news, a man is suing his wife for fraud after seeing her without makeup for the first time. I guess he would know a thing or two about fraud, what with clearly not really meaning any of those vows or anything.

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“100 Years of Hair and Makeup” Series Looks at the Fashions of the Philippines

Cut Video has done it again!

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“Deleted Scenes of Women in Disaster Movies Written by Men” Explains the Well-Groomed Women of the Apocalypse

Unrealistic Zombiepocalypse Beauty Standards.

All I want is a hairy-legged Katniss. That would really give the Capitol what-for.

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Chinese Restaurant Lets Beautiful People Eat Free, Reinforces Society’s Beauty Bubble Standards

Paging Dr. Drew.

If you're feeling particularly self-confident, there's a restaurant that will literally subject your face to a panel of judges and if they find your face aesthetically pleasing, they'll grant you a free meal. You bubble dwellers will have to go all the way to China to get your free food, but at least your Chinese is probably as good as Jack Donaghy and Dr. Drew Baird's French.

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Today In Unattainable Beauty Standards: Do Chickens Think I’m Pretty?

I'd settle for "cute in the right light," chickens.

Back in 2002, a group of scientists decided they wanted to usher in the new millennium by cracking one of civilization's greatest mysteries: what do chickens think of our big, beak-less human faces?

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Tyra Banks Gives Her Opinions On The Future, Including Magic Hair Serum, Drive-Through Babies, & Women’s Equality

But will we all have the ability to smize? Inquiring minds want to know.

Model/entrepreneur Tyra Banks recently wrote up a list of ten predictions for a future in which "prejudices based on physical features will be nearly eradicated" and "Women's empowerment will be an irrelevant concept." And that's just the normal stuff.

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Shut. It. Down. Someone Figured Out How to Make 3D Printable Makeup [VIDEO]

Pretty Pretty Princess

Aside from the cool factor of being able to create one's own makeup, inventor Grace Choi cites two main reasons for creating Mink, a desktop printer that can instantly create eyeshadows, blushes, lipsticks, and more in any shade. One: Getting around the "bullshit" of makeup companies, which charge exorbitant amounts for more out-there colors than the pinks and reds you can find at any drug store. And two: Letting women and teenage girls personally control what beauty means to them by cutting out the toxic beauty standards of the companies that now serve as an unavoidable middleman. We approve of both those things. And holy crap, 3D printable makeup! So cool! (via: TechCrunch) Are you following The Mary Sue on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, & Google +?

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Gabourey Sidibe Says Smart Things About Being Confident

Today in Awesome

Last night, actress Gabourey Sidibe gave a speech at the Gloria Awards and Gala, held by the Ms. Foundation for Women. And what a speech it was. It's a moving piece about strength, beauty, and feminism, and the whole thing is worth a read. If you'd just like the highlights, read on.

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Travel Back to a Time When Gaining Weight Was In Fashion

Hey! Listen!

If you're familiar with the phrase "thigh gap," you might want to check out our sister site Styleite's vintage-tastic list of 23 ads hailing from a time when being curvy, not thin, was the height of fashion. The times, they are a'changing. It's almost like conventional standards of beauty are arbitrary, and you should be able to look however you want without the fashion industry telling you it makes you unattractive. Hmmm. One more example is behind the jump. For the complete gallery, head to Styleite.

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