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Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag

The Honest Trailer For Assassin’s Creed 4 Is Just Too Real, Man

Yarrrr this pile of hay is not sufficient enough to cushion my fall, yarr.

So apparently lots of people loved Assassin's Creed 4: Pirate Booty, which is cool, but there's no denying the game has some issues. Smosh Games has released their latest Honest Trailer about our fave not-assassin-assassin-pirate, and it really hits the mark. Please enjoy Ass-ass-in's Creed 4: I'm on a boat.

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Looks Like NBC Found Its John Constantine

I Guess I Can't Argue With That

Oh my god, they cast an actual British actor. Progress! 

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Two-Lady Let’s Play Duo “the c_ntrollers” Sweep Your Poop Deck In Assassin’s Creed 4

Because the only thing better than being an assassin is being a pirate assassin.

Let's Play videos are hugely popular, but there just aren't enough lady Let's Players. Your intrepid Weekend Editor Sam Maggs decided to rectify that situation by starting up a Let's Play duo called "the c_ntrollers," where wine is drunk, games are played, and ridiculous costumes are worn. No regrets.

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Edward’s Crew Flies Off To Space In This Assassin’s Creed IV Glitch

Requiescat in pace or whatever, we guess.

Called "The Ascension of the Jackdaw" by the user who uploaded it, Whacken Blight, this surreal Assassin's Creed IV glitch depicts the crew of the Jackdaw hovering, suspended and terrified, over a giant ship-shaped hole in the ocean's depths. They then one by one zoom off into the sky as the ship emerges from the hole. It's pretty magical.

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Ready Your Wallet For The Just-Announced Xbox One Launch Lineup

Variety is king on Microsoft's latest console effort.

My feelings on the Xbox One have gone from total resentment to excitement in the past couple of months, and the full launch lineup, just revealed at Gamescom, has only given me more reason to want it. The lineup's so special because it has a wide array of exclusives from developers around the world-- they're really throwing everyone an Xbone, huh?

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Only Female Protagonist in Assassin’s Creed To Get Console Missions

i'll just leave this here

When Ubisoft initially announced the creation of Aveline de Grandpré, the first female playable character in the Assassin's Creed franchise, you could tell she'd hit a chord by the best of indicators: despite her costume involving multiple layers, distressed fabrics, studs, buckles, leather, and custom weapons... there was cosplay immediately. This was despite the fact that the game she starred in was available only for a poorly selling handheld device rather than a major console release. But Ubisoft has just confirmed that Aveline will be getting her console debut with the upcoming Assassin's Creed IV: Pirates Black Flag.

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Ubisoft Embraces Piracy, Announces Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag

Okay, so maybe Ubisoft hasn't actually embraced piracy in the literal sense, but they have embraced pirate-themed video games. After much speculation, and a number of prominent leaks, Ubisoft has confirmed that their latest and greatest Assassin's Creed video game will be officially called Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag. Why they've decided to immediately move to the next installment of the franchise is unclear, but Ubisoft sure does like putting out a new version of this game each year.

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