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These Bill Nye Reaction GIFs Are Exactly What Your Forum Posts Needed

Have you ever needed to LOL at something and just felt you didn't have the gravitas of a well-respected scientist and beloved former children's TV show host? Here you go, friend!

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The iOS Giphy Cam App Is The Best Free Way To Slack Off Today

Send me your goofy gifs. NOW!

Making gifs and linking to them properly has a barrier to entry that used to be too high for my own laziness, but no more! The free Giphy Cam app for iOS lets me to make gifs that are creepy, obnoxious, terrifying and/or adorable with the mere click of a button.

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Holiday D’aww: Fourth of July Edition with Tiny Hamster and Pals + GIFs

Because of course there's GIFs.

Poker chip plates! Little kebabs and baby corn! Tiny pool! Do they have to wait half an hour before swimming, too?

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Things We Saw Today: Anna Kendrick Wrecks James Corden in The Late Late Show‘s Own Riff-Off

Stop, collaborate and listen.

Oh, Anna Kendrick. You're fresh off your recent Pitch Perfect 2 premiere, and here you come to destroy James Corden in the worst way.

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Easily Make GIFs From Nearly Any Online Video With This New Imgur Tool

Hooray! Let the GIFs rain down upon us!

Yay! Everything is wonderful in this amazing age of technology!

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See What a Dwarf Planet Looks Like Spinning Through the Asteroid Belt in a NASA Dawn Mission GIF

So a lot like Pluto, right? Shots fired!

The dwarf planet Ceres is the largest object in our solar system's asteroid belt—in between Mars and Jupiter—at about 2,850,000 square kilometers of surface area. NASA's Dawn mission is approaching Ceres for a rendezvous in the coming months, and it's now close enough to give us a close up look at the object.

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Give Your iPhone a Very Particular Set of Skills With GIF Keyboard’s Exclusive Prerelease Taken 3 GIFs

Without even needing the very long career!

One-man-meme-machine Liam Neeson won't be back in theaters to make ominous phone calls and kick ass in Taken 3 until next month, but you can get in on all the inevitable GIF action early with a custom keyboard that acquired some exclusive Taken 3 GIFs.

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Dorkly Presents 15 Of The Internet’s Finest “Deal With It” Gifs

But what if you...can't even?

John Boyega as a Stormtrooper? DEAL WITH IT. Female director for Wonder Woman? DEAL WITH IT. More male butt-shots in comic? Heed the cat's warning, Internet: deal with it, deal with it, deal with it.

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We Ran the Best Bits of Chris Kluwe’s Blistering #GamerGate Essay Through the Madden Giferator

Prepare to be wargleblargled.

It started with former NFL player Chris Kluwe's brilliant, profanity-laden denouncement of all things #GamerGate. But that isn't where it ended. Oh, no. The above tweet spurred us into action. Maud, you are our muse, our goddess, our guiding light. Hit the jump to see "wargleblarging," "a debilitating case of genital warts," and more represented in Giferator form.

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Ever Wanted to Watch NFL Players Dancing to Evanescence and Iron Maiden? Now You Can

Whoooo's ready for some goth rock???

No doubt you've probably seen many of the often surreal GIFs that come out of the Madden Giferator, a marketing campaign by EA for the latest Madden 15 that allows you to add your own text to looping images of the game's players. Now intrepid internet users are stating to make music videos out of the GIFs, and the songs they've picked so far are nothing short of genius.

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Things We Saw Today: Drogon Is Looking A Bit Toothless These Days

And he's at Dragon Con, nonetheless.

Super-rad cosplayer Casey Renee Cosplay isn't cool with how jerky Daenerys's dragons have been as of late, so she imagined a world where our Khaleesi is Mother to the cutest dragon of all - How to Train Your Dragon's Toothless! (via Fashionably Geek)

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Dorkly Shows Us the Unsung Heroes of Video Games: Skeletons

No bones about it.

The conclusion of this Dorkly comic, titled "Video Games from the Skeletons' Point of View" and drawn by Tony Wilson, was enough to make me gigglesnort, but I might have an ulterior motive in sharing this particular post with you. And that is these rad skeleton gifs you need to see:

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ESA’s Rosetta Brought Us a GIF of a Moving Comet From Way out in Space

My own reaction GIF-making seems even more trivial now...

A few months ago, we got the first images from the European Space Agency's Rosetta mission of the comet they're tracking, but at the time, it was no more than an extra bright pixel. Well, now it's several extra-bright pixels, so Rosetta made us a GIF!

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NASA Was So Excited For Twitter GIFS, They Broke Our Brain With One

Guys. Earth is a magical kingdom.

OK, NASA. Yes, you won the unofficial contest for "most literally awesome GIF Tweet." But you do have an unfair advantage.

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Things We Saw Today: Davos From Game of Thrones Being A Boss At The World Cup

What is he pointing at? Could he have extra swagger hidden under the stands?

A sharp-eyed Reddit user spotted actor Liam Cunningham, aka the Onion Knight and Lord of the Rainwood, striking a dashing pose in São Paulo for the World Cup. It's the perfect sport for him -- no fingers required! (via Uproxx)

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Community Report Season 5 Episode 12 “Basic Story”

The Dean has perfectly captured my feelings about this season ending in the next episode.

Last night's Community was the beginning of the show's two-part season five finale, and things got about as weird as you'd expect. The school is in danger once again, and this time, there might not be a whole lot the Save Greendale Committee can do about it, but that won't stop them from trying.

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Community Report Season 5 Episode 11 “G.I. Jeff”

Imaginary Britta is right, and only imaginary Britta.

Community was back this week after a one week hiatus, and it was worth the wait. They did another animated episode, and this one was an incredible G.I. Joe homage. It mixed hilarious, loving critique on classic cartoon shows (did Cobra really walk around saying "Cobra" like they're Pokémon?) with some pretty great metaphors for growing up.

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Community Report Season 5 Episode 10 “Advanced Advanced Dungeons and Dragons”

I hug my father.

Another Dungeons & Dragons episode! Worth it. This one focused on Hickey... kind of. The plot worked, but it was more of an excuse to have everyone play out a ridiculous D&D scenario again, which is just fine by me.

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Attention Internet: Vote on Which GIFS Best Express Emotion

Can we vote on how GIF is pronounced already?

Don't post that pic of Oprah giving side eyes! There may be a more effective way to convey your views on Crimea. Two MIT students have created a "GIF sorting" game that tackles assumptions about the universal emotional or cultural significance of certain images, reminding users that our screaming Walter White is someone else's laughing Squidward.

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Community Report Season 5 Episode 7 “Bondage and Beta Male Sexuality”

What the Hell.

Last night's Community was kind of weird, and that's saying a lot compared to the last two weeks, which took place in Russia and didn't seem to follow the main characters at all. I don't know what that was about, but I'm glad we're back on track. Last night was a more serious, character-focused episode with plenty of John Oliver.

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