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Easily Make GIFs From Nearly Any Online Video With This New Imgur Tool

Hooray! Let the GIFs rain down upon us!


Parks and Rec Returns GIF

Yay! Everything is wonderful in this amazing age of technology!

On the rare occasion that Google image search fails you, you’ve always wanted to just whip up your own GIFs, but that would take too much effort.


Fear not! Imgur has just unveiled an easy new tool for creating GIFs directly from videos!


All you have to do is find the video you want online, plug the URL into Imgur’s new tool, and tell it the start and end points that you want to memorialize forever in a glorious, infinitely looped animation. If the created GIF would be larger than 10MB, Imgur also automatically converts it to a much more efficient GIFV, which is a standard from improved video clips that they’ve been pushing since last year.

Other sites like Gfycat and even YouTube have been working on GIF conversion and updated Internet animation standards with HTML 5 video, but this Imgur tool, well…


I eagerly await all the GIFV embeds in the comment section.

(via engadget)

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