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We Ran the Best Bits of Chris Kluwe’s Blistering #GamerGate Essay Through the Madden Giferator

Prepare to be wargleblargled.

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It started with former NFL player Chris Kluwe’s brilliant, profanity-laden denouncement of all things #GamerGate. But that isn’t where it ended. Oh, no. The above tweet spurred us into action. Maud, you are our muse, our goddess, our guiding light. Hit the jump to see “wargleblarging,” “a debilitating case of genital warts,” and more represented in Giferator form.

Sadly, we had to change some of the wording, as the Giferator likes to keep it classy(ish). I’m impressed with how many of these required no editing at all, though. Creative cursing is a gift to the universe.


debiliatating case of genital warts

i like my walls

paint-huffing shitgoblins

poopsock-sniffing douchepistol

slackjawed pickletits

slopebrowed weaseldicks

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