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Sushi Scarf Looks Like a Sushi Roll When Rolled Up

Redditor NoKarmaForKindness made the above scarf, which looks like a sushi roll when rolled up. The scarf looks like a piece of modernist art when in scarf mode, displaying a few boxes and lines of different color. Though the scarf is simplistic and only features a few colors, when rolled up the design shows an attention to sushi detail, specifically with the fleck of green, most likely representing either avocado or wasabi, depending on your taste in sushi.

NoKarmaForKindness is planning on selling the scarf on Etsy for $25 plus shipping once she sets up an Etsy account, so check up with her reddit account every now and then for the details if you’re interested in purchasing a sushi scarf of your own.

(via reddit)

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