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Things Are Getting Strange Over at the ‘Morning Joe’

After calling for Joe Biden to back out of the presidential race, Morning Joe host Joe Scarborough has been lying low. He even handed over his show on Monday to his wife, Mika Brzezinski, who went on an odd Biden rant.

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Things have been tense in the political world since the first presidential debate of the year between President Biden and Donald Trump. The debate was always going to be difficult to watch, considering Trump, the Republican party’s presumptive nominee, is a convicted criminal prone to lying his way through debates. However, the debate took an even worse turn when Biden offered a very disheartening performance. As the president stumbled through his answers, lost his train of thought several times, failed to counter Trump’s lies, and gave a few egregiously misleading statements, even some Democrats have begun to question his ability to lead the country and called for his replacement.

One of the most prominent Biden allies to call for a replacement is Joe Scarborough. Of course, it’s not always easy to take the Morning Joe host seriously. Scarborough is a lifelong conservative who initially was a Trump supporter, with Trump appearing on Morning Joe dozens of times before the 2016 election. However, things soured between the pair so severely that Scarborough claims to have left the Republican party and become an ardent Biden supporter, even though there were arguably better Democratic candidates for the 2020 presidential race. After pulling another 180 and calling for Biden to step down, Scarborough went AWOL.

Where did Joe Scarborough go?

Viewers became curious where Scarborough was after he was notably absent from Morning Joe’s show on July 1. According to Brzezinski, he was absent from the show because he was away on a pre-planned vacation, although it’s unclear where exactly he is vacationing. Some are hypothesizing that there’s trouble between him and Biden, while others are claiming he perhaps wanted to allow Brzezinski to speak solo on the show.

His absence was especially noticeable because the show was opened by Brzezinski on Monday, who made it clear that she vehemently disagrees with Scarborough’s opinion that Biden should step down. She spent a total of 15 minutes defending and praising the president in a rant that will likely even make Democrats cringe. To be fair, Brzezinski makes a good point that Biden is, at the very least, better than Trump and that the mocking and jeering over his age and health by the media is wrong.

However, she definitely entered some strange territory as she gushed about Biden’s “vintage sparkle” and framed him as an underdog who always bounces back no matter what life throws at him. Brzezinski also claimed that his administration was at fault for his performance for allegedly overworking him with a busy schedule and refused to even acknowledge the idea of an age limit for presidents by arguing that “age is wisdom.” Mostly, it was just an overwhelmingly shining framing of everything Biden has ever done, from his legislation to his handling of personal tragedies.

Brzezinski’s rant left viewers wondering whether her stance on Biden can be taken seriously and when Scarborough will be returning.

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