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Animatronic Horus Guard Mask is DIY-licious

After watching the movie Stargate, Jerome Kelty, DIY builder extraordinaire, decided that he wanted one of the masks worn by the Horus Guards. Being an endeavoring designer, Kelty took to trying to make one for himself, and after several different designs, I think it’s fair to say he succeeded with flying colors. The mask is made mostly out of papier-mâché, cardstock, spackle, and spray foam, with a detailed paint-job thrown on top. The helmet can also move through the use of 5 servos and an Arduino, which let the helmet look around in a strikingly bird-like way.

If you’re looking for a big project and want one of these of your own, there’s an in-depth guide over at Instructables. Good luck.

(via Hack a Day)

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