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Woman Buys iPad From Stranger at Gas Station, Surprised to Find Mirror Instead

As a preface, let’s just go ahead and say that if you buy anything from a random stranger at a gas station, you’re pretty much asking for it. Strangers working the counter are okay, but if they pull up next to you and offer to sell you any kind of gadget, chances are they’re not on the up and up. A Texas woman didn’t necessarily think the same, and dropped $200 on what she thought was an iPad. Turns out, the “iPad” she bought was just a mirror with an Apple sticker on it.

Jalonta Freeman, the woman in question, feels pretty stupid about the whole thing, according to NBC:

Freeman reported the crime to Arlington police, but she never got a license plate number and she admits that investigators have little to go on.

She said she now feels stupid but has learned an important lesson.

“Don’t buy nothing on the streets from nobody,” she said.

Perhaps even more shocking is the fact that the man apparently handed over a FedEx box which held the “iPad” inside before taking off. Why bother seeing the device? Everyone knows you can trust gas station parking lot strangers.

(NBC via Geekologie, image via NBC)

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