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Apple Required to Reissue Samsung Statement After Original Deemed Noncompliant by U.K. Court

As we’ve previously reported, part of the ruling against Apple in the United Kingdom required the company to issue a statement on their website saying that the Samsung Galaxy Tab, and by extension Samsung, didn’t infringe on the iPad’s design. When they finally got around to posting the statement, however, it was tucked away in a linked page and included some extra bits that the U.K. court didn’t request. Thanks to their attempts to circumvent the ruling, Apple’s been ordered that they have to reissue their statement in order to comply with the original ruling.

The Guardian explains:

The tech giant was originally ordered by the court of appeal to correct the statement carried on its website relating to its tablet battle with Samsung, in which it was ordered to acknowledge that its rival did not copy the iPad’s design.

Though Apple did do that, it also added in details from other court cases in the US relating to other non-design patents to suggest that other courts had found against Samsung.

Rather than being punitive, the courts appear to want Apple to accurately reflect what happened between themselves and Samsung in the U.K. rather than appending decisions that weren’t even related to the statement.

(via The Guardian)

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