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Apple Commercial Features Piano App, All Piano Apps Profit Accordingly

Apple tends to feature various apps that their products can run in their commercials. Since this is pretty much the only function these devices provide, it’s a common occurrence. Developers love it when the company does this, because the general public really isn’t that discerning. Thanks to a recent iPad commercial featuring a piano being used in GarageBand, piano apps across the board seem to be doing exceedingly well.

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squarepoet, the developer of Tiny Piano, explains:

The graph shows 56,447 downloads on Sunday. This was about 4x the number of downloads that we got the week before.

Tiny Piano generates revenues through advertising (iAds & AdMob) and in-app purchases ($0.99 song packs and a $2.99 “unlock everything” option). From Friday to Sunday, revenues totaled $8852.91. Thanks, Apple!

That’s almost $10,000 in three days thanks to a commercial that didn’t even feature it, and Tiny Piano’s not even the top piano application. That’s the power of high-profile brand association.

(squarepoet via Hacker News)

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