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These Never-Before-Seen Star Wars Bloopers Are Basically The Best Thing Ever [Video]

We're just going to watch these on a constant look for the rest of the week, okay?

Man, it is really jarring to see Alec Guinness break character right next to Chewbacca. And look at baby Mark Hamill trying to pronounce things!… Oh, what’s that? You haven’t seen the new gag reel footage from Star Wars that somehow made it onto the web yesterday? Because it’s basically all we can talk about now. You’d best catch up.

As the person who first uploaded these to Youtube notes, “There is no sound on the first few clips – this isn’t an error – original sound wasn’t present.” There also isn’t any sound during some of the more ridiculous StormTrooper sequences, so feel free to redub those in with some Yakety Sax.

Also, we’re going to need GIFs of all of these scenes, stat. Particularly the one with Harrison Ford. You know which one I’m talking about. Dang, Solo.

(Redditor Forceduse via i09, image via Star Wars)

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