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The Season Finale of Star Wars Rebels Has Afforded Us Another Female Character Toy


As if that reveal wasn’t cool enough on its own, Hasbro has announced we’ll be getting a new toy of you-know-who. [Spoilers for the Season 1 finale of Star Wars Rebels ahead.]

USA Today once again has the info. “In honor of the season finale, Hasbro is releasing action figures of Ahsoka and Vader in Rebels styling this fall.” We saw a lot of new Star Wars figures from Hasbro coming out of Toy Fair, but obviously this one needed to be kept under wraps for the big surprise.


It’s good news considering Hasbro’s recent missteps where female character toys are concerned. When asked about releasing multiple versions of male characters from Star Wars Rebels and only single versions of Sabine and Hera, their response was an absentminded, “Hasbro feels they have released plenty of female characters in the line.” Seeing the intense reactions from fans, they later asked the outlet to update their answer, listing other female characters they’ve produced and which you can basically count on both hands.

You can find Ahsoka and the few other female Star Wars characters toys online to be sure (sometimes for way too much money), but for consumers who are out shopping with their families at Target, pickings for female characters are slim. Here’s hoping Hasbro produces them in bulk and encourages stores to keep them stocked (I’ve never seen their Sabine or Hera at an actual store). And hey, with Sarah Michelle Gellar’s addition to the cast, we could be seeing another toy to add to the list soon.

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