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That’s No Cake, It’s a Space Station… Oh, Wait… No, That Is Actually a Cake

Oh, we're afraid the icing shield will be quite operational when your friends arrive.

Death Star Cake Cover

A guy named Neal just had a birthday. You probably don’t know Neal, but you should still wish him a happy birthday and check out the sweet cake his wife got for him. It depicts — in cake form — an epic space battle between some of the most iconic spaceships in geekdom. Neal, save us a slice?

As you can tell by all the watermarks, this cake was made by the fine folks at The Regali Kitchen in the Philippines. You can check out some more of their impressive works on their Facebook page, but let’s focus on Neal’s crazy spaceship cake for now. Here’s the full arrangement.

Space Battle Cake

Now let’s break it down to its individual ships.



Reaver ship

Mystery Ship

TARDIS/Dalek Ship


Enterprise/Klingon Bird of Prey

Star Trek Cakes

Neal (Actual Neal, not Cake Neal)

Alright, Neal’s not a cake or a spaceship, but he seems pretty pumped about his spaceship cake. Happy birthday, Neal!


(via Regali Kitchen on Facebook, images via Regali Kitchen)

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