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Help The Geeky Hostess Crowdfund TARDIS Sprinkles on Kickstarter

Accio sprinkles!


What do you get a baking geek who has everything? If you’re Tara Theoharis, AKA The Geeky Hostess, what you really want to get them is nerd-themed sprinkles. That’s why she put together this Kickstarter to make such a wonderful dream into a delicious, sugar-filled reality.

According to the Kickstarter campaign, Theoharis is working with specialized U.S.-based sprinkle manufacturers and bottlers who also “work for well-known brands including Betty Crocker, Target, Duff, Disney, and Williams-Sonoma.” In other news, we just learned that you can have a career as a sprinkle manufacturer. That sounds like the best, weirdest job ever.

As evidenced above, they’re looking to start out with three different sprinkle designs: a blue “police box” (you know, for legal reasons), a set of gold and silver gears, and a yellow lightning bolt that would work for everything from Harry Potter to the Flash. Pledging at the $12 dollar level will get you the bottle of your choice, which you can eat on cookies, cakes, ice cream.

The rest of the pledge rewards are pretty great, too: for $20, you can get all three bottles, and anything higher than the $26 level also gets you an exclusive set of recipe cards from established geeky cooks, including our good friend Chris-Rachael Osland, better known as the Kitchen Overlord. And then, of course, there are curated sets of sand sugar that accompany. The Hogwarts House Colors set is definitely calling out to us.


Head on over to their Kickstarter campaign to check out more and watch their amazing campaign video, which was produced by the folks at Cinesaurus. Seriously, it’s hilarious.

(via Geeky Sprinkles on Kickstarter)

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