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Get “Das Booty” On Submarine Designed For Sex, Just $390,000 A Night

For serious seamen only.



Today in  “what to do with all that money you embezzled/found in a ship wreck/bribed from P. Diddy,” we’ve got the Lover’s Deep, a luxury submarine designed to give you and your Valentine one night of sub-sea level passion.

If you are Rihanna or royalty (the two demographics I can imagine paying for underwater nookie) British company Oliver’s Travels will pick you up from a Caribbean Island of your choice (how accomodating!), have a private chef cook you an aphrodisiac-filled meal, then presumably make themselves scarce while you and your Valentine indulge in some cold-war roleplay.


An image from the Olivers Travel’s website of the Good Ship Phallic, giving a sea turtle quite a show.

Here’s what their website has to say about the “trip of a lifetime that you’ll never forget.”

The airline industry has the Mile High club, but for the first time, Oliver’s Travels offers you the opportunity to join the Mile Low club.

At least the awe-inspiring submarine allows more room for you to get rutty than a measly private jet would.


As you can see, unlike a regular, non-sexy submarine, the Lover’s Deep has huge windows offering “stunning views of the marine world [that] will take your breath away,” if your multiple nautical orgasms aren’t enough.


Presumably a picture of the kitchen/bar where you and your Red October can enjoy the “aphrodisiac tasting” of caviar, oysters, and chocolate fondue. Don’t worry–as the website says, “Butler Included.”

Also included?  “Nice little extras like the free champagne on arrival, optional rose petals scattered on bed and Barry White soundtrack.” Free here, it must be noted, just means included in your bill of already $390,000.

That’s obviously a lot of sea dollars, but hey–whatever it takes to get a periscope up.


So what are you waiting for? Go deeper than ever before and make this Valentine’s the wettest yet. Just be warned that Oliver’s Travels doesn’t recommend the experience for “guests who suffer from claustrophobia or a fear of fish.”

(via Gizmodo, image via Oliver’s Travels)


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