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$425 Will Get You an Hour Long Air Tour of Cincinnati, Membership to the Mile High Club

Careful readers will recall a couple that made waves for, ah, “doing the deed” while skydiving. If, like them, you’re interested in joining the so-called Mile High Club but aren’t interested in freefalls, then Cincinnati’s Flamingo Air is probably more up your alley. For $425, couples can choose their flightplan, are given some romantic treats, and get an anything-goes hour of privacy in the back of a single-engine airplane. Be still, my heart.

Flamingo Air, which claims to be the only airline in the United States that offers such services, says that business is booming. They’ve apparently served thousands of customers, sometimes as many as eight in one day. And $425 doesn’t just get you a quick tumble in the hay, either. Customers are in the lap of luxury, surrounded by pastel pillows and a flimsy curtain between them and the pilot. Flamingo Air also furnishes lovers with a box of chocolates and a bottle of champagne — you know, to class up the experience.

Of course, the back seat of the airline’s Piper Cherokee Six is not exactly the most spacious of love nests. There’s also the wind and engine noise to consider. However, it’s certainly easier and probably more comfortable than trying to sneak in a quickie aboard a commercial airliner. What’s more, it’s totally legit.

Piloting these “flights of fancy” can be a bit dangerous, however. Pilot Dave MacDonald told WCPO-TV:

“I have had a high heel in my ear once, been shot in the back of the head with a champagne cork, and thank God we wear headsets,”

While some might balk at the price tag, or find the Flamingo Air scheme reprehensible, I think there’s something to be said for this company and the service they offer. People clearly want what their selling, and if no one is getting hurt then good for them for expressing their entrepreneurial spirit. It’s the American way!

(Flamingo Air via WCPO-TV via Jezebel)

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