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Second Oreo Separator Machine Surfaces, Sprays Hot Creme in Your Face [Video]

There is now a second video of an Oreo separating machine on the Internet. This is apparently a thing now, and you know what? That’s fine. These videos are surprisingly cool for a thinly veiled marketing campaign. It might be because they combine a lot of things I love: science, fine video production, facial hair, and junk food. This second machine doesn’t make use of a hatchet like the first one, but it does spray hot creme in your face, so there’s that.

The first Oreo separator we saw had one primary purpose — to eliminate the creme because David Neevel doesn’t like it. This new machine from Barry Kudrowitz and Bill Fienup, two toy scientists in Minnesota, tries to make better use of the whole Oreo since Kudrowitz prefers the cookie, and Fienup likes the creme — sprayed into his mouth at high velocity.

Their design isn’t perfect, since as much of the creme ends up on Fienup’s face as in his mouth, but the way these two work together to each get the best out of something, in this case an Oreo, is inspiring. Take a look:

Eventually, someone has to just make a machine that cleanly scrapes off the creme in an intact little disc, right? Or is this someone one of the great challenges of our modern scientific age?

Oreo separator machines are quickly becoming one of my favorite things on the Internet.

(via YouTube)

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