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This Robotic Oreo Separator Uses a Hatchet to Remove the Creme [Video]

David Neevel doesn’t like the creme in the middle of Oreos, so he built a machine to remove it. Even though his stance on Oreo creme is horribly, tragically, and completely misguided you have to respect a guy who takes action to get what he wants, or to eliminate what he doesn’t want as the case may be. Neevel is a physicist from Portland who is the type of person who sees a problem and solves it — with a hatchet-wielding robot — because that’s how you freaking get things done.

A machine that halves Oreos with a hatchet and then removes the creme is admittedly only so useful, but watching Neevel explain the challenges he faced building it is weirdly captivating. He didn’t let things like cold hands, cold cookies, or finding a decent sandwich place near his workshop stop him. David Neevel gets things done.

Watch him talk about his machine, his distaste for Oreo creme, and his amazing catchphrase “This creme’s no good, get it off the cookies or something,” in this video from Oreo:

This is only the first of what appears to be a series of videos that show Oreo separating machines, and that’s just wonderful. I’d love to see more of these, but I have to say it will be hard to best Mr. Neevel’s personality and mustache.

(via YouTube)

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