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On April 19th, Get Your Own Limited Edition Scott Pilgrim Video Game Soundtrack Vinyl

Hear that? It's the sound of chiptune-loving hipsters everywhere collapsing with delight.


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You know how awesome the vinyl version of the Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World movie soundtrack is? (Spoiler alert: it’s really awesome.) If you’re lucky enough to live near a participating record store, soon you might be able to snag a similarly awesome vinyl copy of Anamanaguchi’s Pilgrim video game soundtrack album to match.

In honor of Record Store Day on April 19th, which celebrates independently owned record stores — yes, those are still a thing! — ABKCO Records is putting out three “unique releases” that can only be purchased through those independently owned stores I was just talking about.  Scott Pilgrim will be especially rare, however,  because it’s only ever been released in digital download format before and never in any physical form. It’ll also be printed on yellow vinyl to compliment the red vinyl of the original Scott Pilgrim film soundtrack, which was just recently re-pressed after becoming a huge impossible-to-find collector’s item.

Currently it doesn’t seem like ABKCO plans to reprint the video game soundtrack after supplies run out on the 19th, though, so your only chance to get one is to actually go to a store in person. Do people ever line up for vinyl releases like they do with video games and movies? We have no idea, but this would be the right time for just such a phenomenon to occur. Let’s get some Ramona Flowers cosplayers standing outside of record stores with giant hammers looking bored, just for funsies.

If you have no idea where your local store is, then don’t worry: ABKCO has this handy location map to help you out. Just be sure to call ahead and ask if they have the Scott Pilgrim video game vinyl first, because “not all stores will choose to participate in all promotions, or carry all releases.” 

(via ABKCO Records and Bryan Lee O’Malley)

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