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Hey, it's that one guy! Maybe you should follow him.
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It’s that time again! That’s right, we’re about to attempt to improve your Internet experience by suggesting a person we think you should be following on Twitter. That person is Scott Pilgrim creator, author, and artist Bryan Lee O’Malley, because he’s still writing comics and being hilarious, and you can get in on it.

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Who he is:

O’Malley is a Canadian cartoonist most widely known for the amazing Scott Pilgrim graphic novel series. If you’re a Scott Pilgrim fan, you should check out O’Malley’s first graphic novel Lost at Sea, too, while you’re at it. He’s currently working on a new one called Seconds, which is due out in 2014, so add that to the list of things you need to read. If you don’t have a list of things to read, then start one and promptly add Seconds to it.

This is what O’Malley’s bio page on Oni Press’s (the publisher of O’Malleys books) has to say about him:

Bryan Lee O’Malley is a Canadian cartoonist. His six-volume “Scott Pilgrim” series (from Oni Press) was a New York Times bestseller, an LA Times Book Prize finalist, and won an Eisner Award, two Harvey Awards, a Doug Wright Award and a Joe Shuster Award. “Scott Pilgrim” was adapted into a critically-acclaimed major motion picture (from Universal) and video game (from Ubisoft) in 2010. O’Malley lives in Los Angeles.

Why you should follow:

Scott Pilgrim is great. Graphic novels are great. Bryan Lee O’Malley is great. Also, as one Twitter user astutely pointed out, O’Malley’s Twitter presence is a lot stronger than a lot of talented artists out there. How strong? O’Malley tweets as though it’s a physical necessity of his being, so you can expect his nuggets of pure greatness to show up in your feed often.

You can also keep track of his progress on Seconds, because he posts art as he’s working on it, which is really entertaining for fans starved of O’Malley’s brilliance after Scott Pilgrim ended. Or, if you’re not already a fan (which pains us to even write), consider this a great way to get an up close and personal look at O’Malley’s work and maybe become one.

Great Tweets:

The levity is just so much fun.

And some art for you.

Seriously, these were hard to pick out by virtue of the sheer volume of tweets he puts out. Go follow him, and you’ll never need to look for something to read again.

(via Bryan Lee O’Malley @radiomaru on Twitter)

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