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Sarah Wayne Callies on Her “Time Bomb” Pregnancy on The Walking Dead

I Guess I Can't Argue With That

“The effect it has on [Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln)] is more about the need to stay, not just because there’s safety, but the need to stay close to the only person who practices medicine, veterinarian or no, and the need to make things right with Hershel (Scott Wilson) and the need to be able to make a home there. The pregnancy heightens all of that because Lori is not going to be able to run forever. There’s a time bomb growing in her.”Sarah Wayne Callies of AMC‘s The Walking Dead, providing the most uplifting assessment ever about pregnancy during a zombie apocalypse: Her fetus is a time bomb. The show has reached its mid-season finale before going on a hiatus until February, so tune in tonight at 9:00 pm to see what happens next in the saga of “Holy crap, there is no good that can come of any part of this pregnancy at all, no matter how you slice it.”

(via The Daily Blam)

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