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RuneScape Punishes Botters With Somewhat Creepy Mock Trial and Execution

The use of programs to automate certain functions, called “botting” in many places, is something that plagues RuneScape. Over the years, multiple methods have been implemented to try and detect, inhibit, and ban botting as a whole. It seems to be something that they’ve just accepted will happen. That doesn’t mean the developers have been idle, however. As of now, any bot caught might be subject to a mock trial and execution at the hands of the Botmaster General in Botany Bay. We’re not even kidding.

That is, if someone has progressed to the point of being warned multiple times, however. The first couple instances of botting result in a temporary ban on top of being called out in public, but it looks to be a three strikes system. Once bots are caught that third time, they might come up on the chopping block.

If they do get sent to Botany Bay, other players can then watch a character called the Botmaster General berate and shame the bot before deciding on their fate. There appears to be three distinct methods of execution, including being blasted into nothingness by the gods, and players can even toss rotten fruits at the accused. If this scenario doesn’t somehow uncomfortably remind you of a witch hunt, you might never have heard of Salem.

In the end, this is all just a fanciful way to name and shame those involved in illicit RuneScape activities. It might be a little creepy, and excessive, but it just might work.

(RuneScape via PC Gamer)

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