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Steam Greenlight Actually Comes Through, First Game Now Available

Steam Greenlight, and by extension Valve, has been accepting community votes to determine what games they should bring to the service. The list of the first ten games chosen for review was released two weeks ago, and now the very first title of the initial batch has been made available: McPixel. Granted, McPixel was already available through the developer, but this is first of what hopefully will become a long line of titles brought to Steam through their Greenlight endeavors.

Steam explains the premise of McPixel:

McPixel is a save-the-day guy that you guide through 100 short challenges in an old-school point’n’click fashion. The goal in each challenge is to prevent stuff from blowing up using available tools! You have only 20 seconds to save the day! Think quick!

It’s basically an adventure game with a ridiculously short timer. The trick is clearly to just click again and again again until some kind of winning condition is triggered. If it can work for Diablo, it can work for McPixel.

(Steam via reddit)

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