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Congratulations, Detroit, You’re Getting a Giant Robocop Statue, See It Before It’s Bronzed

Robocop Head

Kickstarter has given the world a lot of interesting things. Soon it will bring a larger-than-life statue of Robocop to Detroit. The project raised more than its $50,000 goal back in March of 2011, and the statue is finally ready to be cast in bronze. If you’ve ever wanted to see a pre-bronze Robocop statue, we have pictures.

The design was originally sculpted by artist Farnk Barton. The model as it stands now, was done by Across The Board Creations by 3D scanning a smaller version of the design and digitally scaling it up to its current size of ten feet. The pre-bronze assembly was put together from foam, wax, and clay and will serve as the model for the bronze cast.

Take a look:


It’s a pretty neutral pose, but considering the statue is ten feet tall, it’s probably still impressive to see in person. If you’re curious about what his ro-butt looks like, here’s the reverse angle:


Buns of steel — or rather, buns of wax, clay, and foam to eventually be replaced by bronze.

Why don’t all cities have ten-foot-tall statues of robot police officers?

(Kickstarter via The Verge, image via Pop Culture Geek)

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