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Watch the Puppy Bowl Puppies Do Puppy Stuff on Animal Planet’s Live Puppy Cam

Puppies are better than football.


Live video by Animal Planet L!ve

Not to play into the “Geeks hate sports” stereotype, but football is probably the last thing we care about today. Especially when there’s chess to watch and puppies to fawn over. While you wait for the actual Puppy Bowl to start, you can keep an eye on this live camera of the Animal Planet puppy locker room.

As of 9:10AM ET all the puppies on the camera are napping, and it’s the cutest. They’ve all got a big day ahead of them. Rest up, little puppies.

Puppies are adorable, and watching this live cam may make you want a puppy. Good news! The Washington Animal Rescue League can help you out. They’re the people playing with and caring for the puppies while they prep for television greatness. You can check out their website to see what puppies are available. It’s unclear if any of the Puppy Bowl puppies will be up for adoption, but if you see one that catches your eye be sure to check that page just in case.

If you’re outside of the Washington D.C. area, there’s always

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