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Every Little Girl Needs a Special Robot (Water Heater) Friend

It's way too early for Monday Cute, but who says we can't indulge in a little mid-week early morning cute to start our day off right? And this, my friends, is not only adorable, it involves a little girl and a robot friend.

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Little Girl Shows Us What Supergirl’s Grade School Photos Might Look Like

Happy Adorable Kids Dressed Like Superheroes Day!

For school picture day, Kaylieann Steinbach wanted to dress up as one of her favorite heroes: Supergirl. Thanks to some totally down parents and a really nice school photographer, she got her wish.

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Moé, Misogyny and Masculinity: Anime’s Cuteness Problem–and How to Fix It

It's adorably problematic!

Let’s talk critically about cuteness. Specifically, let’s talk about a subset of cuteness in Japanese 2D artistry: moé. (Two syllables: moh-eh. Not Moe like the bartender.)

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Behold, a Brand New American Kennel Club Breed of Puppies: the Pumi

Hey! Let me tell you about some dogs. These are some fine, premium dogs, friend.

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Monday Cute: Right Out the Gate, an Early Contender for Dog Vine of the Year Award

This isn't your run of the mill "who's your best friend" dog vine, oh no.

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Little Girl’s Chewbacca Princess Birthday Cake Too Precious for Words

Her parents went to a bunch different bakers with the request, all of whom couldn't do it because it wasn't a "proper cake kit."

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Puppies in Superhero Costumes Are Supergirl Melissa Benoist’s Kryptonite

How many puppies can Supergirl hold while flying?

Supergirl star Melissa Benoist was recently given the impossible task of answering a few Supergirl trivia questions while being swarmed with a bunch of little puppies dressed up in superhero costumes.

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BB-8 Visits Disneyland, Leaves Thousands Smitten With Cuteness in Its Wake

Oh, BB-8. We knew from the get-go that you'd roll away with our hearts. Your cuteness knows no bounds, and your exploration of Disneyland here somehow multiplies that cuteness.

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New Steven Universe Mini-Sode Features Extended Theme Song Plus Lil Steven

We... are the crystal gems...

Whether it's itty bitty Lil Steven with his ukulele and oversized clothes or the updated title sequence with new villains and a badass-sword wielding Connie, this short is giving me so many feelings that I just... I cannot even right now.

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Holiday D’aww: Fourth of July Edition with Tiny Hamster and Pals + GIFs

Because of course there's GIFs.

Poker chip plates! Little kebabs and baby corn! Tiny pool! Do they have to wait half an hour before swimming, too?

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Monday Cute: Prairie Dogs & Dogs Forever

Oh those are some sweet prairie dogs but what about when they get together with their doggy best friends??

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Check Out This Sneak Peek of Disney’s New Animated Sho—OMG A CUTE PUPPY EATING A FRENCH FRY!

Cute puppies and junk food: Disney knows the way to my heart. You can see the entirety of their new short Feast when it premieres with Big Hero Six on November 7th—like Paperman did with Wreck-It Ralph, doncha know?

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Kitten Is Amazed to Discover Its Own Tail, We Are Jealous of Its World of Wonder

Kittens have so much to teach us about life.

If only we could be more like this kitten, and everything could be good and amazing all the time. What a wonderful world that would be. Instead, we'll just have to watch and enjoy its childlike wonder.

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You Are Compelled To Watch GIANT MUTANT SPIDER DOG

I want one.

I'm not going to say anything except "trust me and watch this right now."

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Someone Finally Made a Dancing Groot Toy, We Can’t Stop Watching It Dance

I am Groot.

Vine user and apparent GENIUS PERSON, Patrick Delehanty posted this Vine of a baby Groot toy he made dancing at Stockton-Con in the San Joaquin Valley. I've been looping this thing for the last ten minutes and there's no end in sight.

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The Cutest Thing From Guardians of the Galaxy Already Has An Item On Etsy

We are Groot!

We don't want to spoil anyone who's yet to see the film but we will say the item involves Groot. Put on your cute safety glasses please!

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Monday Cute: Pandas Going Down a Slide

Eats, slides and leaves.

Chengdu Panda Base in China is a place for panda research, breeding, and preservation. Oh, they also have a slide that the pandas get to slide down in one of the cutest videos of anyone sliding down anything we've ever seen. Is this video two years old? Sure. Is it a video of pandas gleefully sliding down a slide? You bet it is.

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City Shuts Down Free Library Built By Nine-Year-Old

Someone call Leslie Knope immediately.

Just look at this picture. Look at this little boy and his little home-made library and the great big potential for learning and imagination it contains.

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Monday Cute: Many Baby Goats, Running


These goats are in such a rush to get to goat-work! They should take some time to stop and eat the flowers.

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Thimble the Mini-Pig Is Here to Rescue Any Bad Day

In other news, this bacon no longer tastes as good.

After conducting personal research, I've determined that happiness is not related to romantic love, professional fulfillment, or even spiritual growth. Rate of contentment correlates directly with the amount of time you are exposed to videos of mini-pigs, especially when they are "playing" instruments and/or wearing sunglasses.

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