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President Obama Tells CDC to Investigate Link Between Video Games and Violence


In an address this morning, President Obama outlined his plan to curb gun violence in America. That plan laid out 23 points, and included reinstating the ban on assault weapons, limiting magazines to 10 rounds, and ordering the Center for Disease Control to study a possible link between violence in video games and violence in the real world. We’re interested in seeing what they come up with.

We’ve defended video games from being blamed as the cause of tragic events like the Newtown, Connecticut shootings, but that’s largely because up until now there’s been no real data to support it. It’s just something people say whenever a tragedy like this occurs.

The White House’s plan also covers requiring background checks for all gun purchases, and focuses on mental health issues like the availability of treatment. It covers a wide base, and the research into a possible link between video games and violence is only a part of it, and not even a very big part. The President is only asking Congress to provide $10 million dollars for the research. That works out to be just two percent of the total $500 million plan.

Violence in video games may or may not have any impact on real life violence, but it certainly won’t hurt anybody to examine the possibility scientifically. Anything that can lead to less violence should at the very least be considered.

(via Polygon, image via Matt Ortega)

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