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Connecticut Town Calls Off Violent Video Game Version of a Book Burning


When the small town of Southington, Connecticut decided to host what amounts to a book burning for violent video games, we weren’t exactly surprised. As we said then, tragedies like the Newtown massacre don’t often provoke thoughtful responses so much as knee-jerk reactions.  The Violent Video Games Return Program being a perfect example of said knee-jerk reactions. The event was set to be held on January 12th, but it was called off early yesterday morning. Why did they call it off? Well, that’s complicated.

After receiving coverage in spades since SouthingtonSOS first announced the program, the community has decided that their purpose has been achieved without the need to actually host the event. The stated purpose was, of course, to provoke a conversation between parents and their children about the role and effect of violent video games and other media. Now that it’s been well and truly provoked, why have an event that just promises major logistical problems?

The original event would have seen officials hand out $25 gift vouchers for the return of violent video games. Those games would then be snapped and, most likely, incinerated. Cancelling means they don’t have to worry about a) actually doing this and b) angering folks that would be displeased with them doing this.

It could also be seen as the community backing down from a stance than proved unpopular, but that’s not going to be the marketing line.

(via Polygon, image via James Lee)

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