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They Might Be Giants Have A New EP Out, Listen to Two Free Tracks Here

The godfathers of nerd-rock, They Might Be Giants, have a new album, Nanobots, coming out in March, but you don’t have to wait — you can check out three tracks from the new album on the Nanobots EP released today on iTunes and Amazon. If you’re not sure you want to buy it yet — you totally do, by the way, but that’s just one man’s well-thought out and very valid opinion — you can listen to one of the tracks from the new EP right here. Just keep reading to check out the free track, ‘Lost My Mind’ and also get the latest news on the band’s new free app, because the days when you could be a band and not need a dedicated piece of software to prove it are dead and gone. And may I say — good riddance to those dark times.

Well, I’m sold, but truth be told, selling me a new TMBG album doesn’t take much. I’ve been buying them since I was about 11, and at this point it’s a Pavlovian response, some sort of sick reflex that causes me to part with hard-earned cash for excellent pop music. As far as afflictions go, I’ll take it.

What’s that, though? You need to hear another track to decide if the new album is going to be any good or not? Okay, fine — here’s ANOTHER song, released last month.

If you’re enamored with the idea of listening to TMBG tunes for free — and really, who’s not — you’ll want to check out the band’s new iPhone app, which brings you a free streaming song from the band’s catalog, which now spans thirty years and makes me feel astonishingly old and very happy at the same time. What can I say — feelings are weird things, and this is why I generally disapprove of them.

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