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Google Developing a Pill So You Can Google Whether You Have Cancer… Kind Of

As opposed to just obsessively WebMDing it?

Google wants to put tiny little things into your body to search out diseases like cancer, and they're called nanoparticles. Nope, not nanobots. I know; I was surprised, too.

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New They Might Be Giants Music Video Features a Whole Mess of Nanobots [Video]

If there's one band the majority of Internet culture seems to find interesting, it's They Might Be Giants. Maybe it's thanks to all those songs being used in cartoons, like the time "Istanbul" and "Particle Man" were featured on Tiny Toons. It also might have something to do with the fact that their songs, in general, are pretty excellent. Regardless, they're popular for a good reason, and the music video for their song "Nanobots" just released. Try to guess what it has a whole bunch of in it.

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They Might Be Giants Have A New EP Out, Listen to Two Free Tracks Here

The godfathers of nerd-rock They Might Be Giants have a new album, Nanobots, coming out in March, but you don't have to wait -- you can check out three tracks from the new album on the Nanobots EP released today on iTunes and Amazon. If you're not sure you want to buy it yet -- you totally do, by the way, but that's just one man's well-thought out and very valid opinion -- you can listen to one of the tracks from the new EP right here. Just keep reading to check out the free track, 'Lost My Mind' and also get the latest news on the band's new free app, because the days when you could be a band and not need a dedicated piece of software to prove it are dead and gone. Good riddance, we say.

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Bacteria Build Micro-Pyramid, Controlled By Computers [Video]

Scientists in Montreal have succeeded in coaxing magnet-sensitive bacteria into building a pyramid, using only carefully manipulated magnetic fields controlled via computer. The hope, ultimately, is that computer-controlled bacteria may someday replace nanorobots or serve as "a propulsion system for larger nanorobots that could deliver drugs, repair an organ, or assemble larger and more complex nanostructures," giving us yet another thing to fear will turn us all into grey goo.

Video after the jump:

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3D Printer that Prints Itself Creates Story that Writes Itself

Gray goo is totally on the way, guys -- the boffins at the University of Bath have developed a 3D printer that can create copies of itself. Soon, your collection of hand-painted Warhammer 40K figurines will be worthless, drowned in a sea of cheaply auto-molded replicas! (Maybe.)

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