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You Can Now Sign Up for Netflix DVD Rental Only, If You Want

Remember back in the dark ol’ days of 2011, when Netflix was preparing to tear itself asunder and spin off their DVD rental service into a horrifically named service called Qwikster? Well, now you can have the same experience without the terrible name, as Netflix has announced that you can now sign up directly for a DVD-only plan. It’s a thing you can do.

According to Netflix, the new plan will cost you $7.99 a month. Existing customers can try the DVD-only plan for a month free of charge, so I guess you could save a little money there if you’re into that. Previously, users had the option to opt out of either the streaming or the DVD service. Now you can skip that whole step and just head over to this landing page for the full, streaming-free experience.

The plan is no doubt targeted at the portion of Netflix’s customers that are either disinterested in streaming (read: people who don’t understand it) or people who lack the broadband connection to make movie streaming practical. Given that you’re reading this on the Internet, odds are you’re not amongst the surprisingly large sector of the population who somehow live without any or adequate Internet access.

Happily, this puts the nail in the coffin of the Qwikster saga. Hopefully Netflix has come through this episode stronger, and will continue giving me cheap movies for many years to come.

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