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U.S. Government to Double Available Wireless Spectrum

Over the next 10 years, the White House said it will be nearly doubling the federal and commercial wireless spectrum in order to keep up with the explosive demand for smartphone and other wireless Internet device communications. President Barack Obama is expected to sign a memorandum today committing the federal government to auction off 500MHz of federal and commercial spectrum.

National Economic Council director Lawrence H. Summers, who is to give a speech outlining the policy later today at Washington think tank New America Foundation, said: “This initiative will catalyze private sector investment, contribute to economic growth and help to create hundreds of thousands of jobs.”

The Obama administration hopes that this will will support the expansion of wireless broadband across the country, including rural areas. Hopefully, this means the open wi-fi networks I jack in my apartment will be running faster.

According to a government official, a crucial part of the project is to develop a nationwide interoperable mobile broadband network for public safety. Revenues will go toward public safety, additional job-creating infrastructure investments, and deficit reduction.

(via Wireless Week; title image via Great Falls Ventures)

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