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Netflix Separates DVD and Streaming Plans, Introduces DVD-Only Option

Today, Netflix announced that it will be changing the way its media plans are structured, effective immediately for new members and starting on September 1st for existing ones. From now on, streaming plans and DVD plans exist separately and unlimited DVD plans will now cost the same as streaming-only plans: $7.99. The main difference here is that while you can still have DVDs and streaming, it means having two plans simultaenously, which is going to cost you a little more than old combo plan used to. Ultimately, this opens up the possibility of having a DVD account without having to pay for streaming access you may or may not be using, an option that has never before been available.

This also marks the lowest amount of money for which you can get DVDs from Netflix. At $7.99, the unlimited, one-disc-at-a-time Netflix plan is cheaper than a ticket to a movie in most places and is a perfect fit for users who don’t feel the need for streaming capability. This does, however, result in a pricing increase for people who want both. Unfortunately, Netflix still hasn’t announced a VHS based service, but I will continue to wait patiently. I have sent a number of physical mails to their offices requesting such a service, and I can’t be the only one, right? I mean, it’s not like I want Betamax tapes or anything.

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