Artist Makes Chandelier from NES Zappers, Wife Won’t Let Him Hang It in the Dining Room

This would go well with the mounted head of the dog from Duck Hunt.
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Artist and vintage gaming enthusiast J.J. Hendricks made this gorgeous NES Zapper chandelier, but his wife wouldn’t let him hang it over their dining room table. What follows is a letter to Mrs. Hendricks by me on behalf of her husband asking her to reconsider.

Dear Mrs. Hendricks,

You don’t know me, but I’m the senior editor here at Geekosystem, a site that does things like writing open letters to the wives of men who build chandeliers out of old video game controllers. Your husband has created a beautiful work of art in the NES Zapper chandelier, and I think it would look lovely over your dining room table.

I say that having never seen your dining room, but I’m finding myself hard pressed to imagine a room that this chandelier would not improve. Your husband tells me the chandelier has been relegated to his warehouse, which judging by this photo on his website:


…is kind of dump. (No offense, J.J. I’m trying to make a point here.) And look how the chandelier lights up that dump both figuratively and literally and figurative literally, since that’s a thing now too.

Of the roughly 50 emails I’ve received in my work account today, your husband’s titled “Chandelier Made from Zapper Light Guns” stood out because chandeliers made from Zapper light guns are amazing. Sure, this is the only such chandelier I know of, but it’s amazing, and therefor 100% of Zapper light gun chandeliers I’ve seen in my life are amazing.

Of course this presupposes that the lighting in your dining room is not already more amazing than an NES Zapper chandelier, but frankly I don’t see how that’s even possible, because as we’ve already established — your husband’s chandelier is amazing.

You have a chance to hang something amazing in your dining room, and I think you should seize that opportunity, or at the very least make your husband mail me the chandelier and then he can write a letter to my wife — who would most certainly not want it hanging in our dining room either — trying to convince her of how great it is.

Sincerely Yours,
Glen Tickle
Senior Editor

(via J.J. Hendricks)

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