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Impress Guests! Serve Your Monkey Brains Temple of Doom Style!

But what about "Snake Surprise?"


Between melting Nazis, dodging boulders, and uncovering secret religious sects, it can be difficult to find the time to entertain. When you finally do get “friends” over for dinner, it’s hard to find table settings that accurately reflect your distinctive lifestyle. Well, fret no more: Firebox has the brain-bowl to solve all your dinnertime woes!


Every $60.00 “Severed Simian Storage” bowl is well worth the price tag, for bragging rights alone—you’ll definitely be the only gourmand in your neighborhood serving chilled monkey brains (or something lighter, like soup) the authentic way! To truly appreciate the piece’s impressive effects, I recommend using it for block parties, PTA meetings, and baby showers, as long as you’re prepared for the accompanying fainting.

The collectors-edition monkey mug isn’t dishwasher or microwave safe, but it comes with a plastic insert for eating from and a lid if you want to save some grey matter for later. I know spying on ritualistic sacrifice always give me an appetite.

(via Gizmodo, image via Firebox)

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