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Limera1n: geohot’s Long-Awaited iPad, Untethered iPhone Jailbreak Coming Soon?

It’s not often that domain registrations and WHOIS entries whip the masses into a lather, but they do when the domain is — similar to iPhone crack sites and — and when the registrant is geohot, a.k.a. “Administrative Contact Hotz, George.” About a month ago, geohot teased us with an untethered jailbreak for the iPhone 3GS OS 3.1.3 that he said would “probably work on iPad too.” Could limera1n — which one source says may be coming on April 30th — be just that, available for the masses?

There’s been no confirmation from geohot on his blog or his Twitter, but iHackintosh notes that the registration information for coincides “perfectly” with that of Note that the domain was created on March 27th, but has managed to largely go under the radar until now:

As for the rumor of an April 30th release, @Tom_Wallace initially tweeted out “geohots new jb April 30th. :)” Upon looking into it further, he wrote “Well, it’s geohot for sure but not sure if it’s for the 30th or if it’s for 4.0. We will have to just wait and see.”

Some folks, like those at UberGizmo, have written about the break in the context of iPhone OS 4.0 — which geohot posted jailbroken pictures of about two weeks ago — but if that’s to be the be all and end all of limera1n, then it’s a ways off, since Apple said consumers won’t be getting OS 4 until the summer, and what they do get is likely to be a lot different from the developers’ beta currently out. We’ll indeed just have to “wait and see,” but what murky early signs we’ve got suggest it could be something very much worth seeing.

(via iHackintosh)

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