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Las Vegas Has Its Own Sex Plane Service, and You Can Get Married on It, Because Vegas

All told, I'd be more surprised if this didn't exist.


You know, the modern world can be really distracting, and it’s tough to get away and have some peace and quiet. Now, you and your partner/significant other/lover (no judgment) can get away from it all by joining the mile high club all alone in your own sex plane… aside from that guy who’s piloting your flying sex box.

The service is called “Love Cloud,”  and it’s run by Andy Johnson with his Cessna 421 Golden Eagle that’s decked out to pretty much look exactly like you’d think a honeymoon suite in Vegas would. Or a porn set, but there’s not a huge difference there. For a fee, you can climb on board, and it’ll take you way up high to get down.

Speaking of honeymoon suites, Love Cloud even offers a wedding package, because if you’re going to get married in Vegas, you might as well go full sex-plane. The wedding package gets you several romantic bonuses and includes a minister of your choice and photographers, who stay on the ground according to the site, but I’m betting you can invite them along if that’s what you’re into.


What happens in the sex plane stays in the sex plane. Unless a baby happens.

The site also lists several other packages in a range of prices from $799 to $1299, because not everyone likes the same package, OK? Everyone has different needs. The package one person likes might not—OK, I’m done.

There’s even a romantic add-on package you can apply to whichever flight you choose, because Johnson wants to keep whatever you do with your johnson (or someone else’s) in his plane romantic and classy. You know, as romantic and classy as things get with a service that uses “join the mile high club” as a selling point.

(via UPROXX, images via Love Cloud)

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