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Insane “Do It for Denmark” Commercial Offers Ovulation Discount to Travelers

There's a "canal sex" joke in here somewhere.

Apparently, Denmark is facing an all-time low of little boys (and girls). In response, travel company Spies Rejser has created a pragmatic/totally bonkers ad urging Danish citizens to “do it” for their country, i.e. take advantage of an ovulation travel discount, have 46% more sex, and visit the site of their own conception.

The abandoned playgrounds! The ominous close ups! The woman taking her boyfriend to the hotel room in which she was “made”! My biological clock broke sometime around the close-up of the jizzing champagne bottle, but if you want to make a baby and you live in Denmark, this seems like a cool opportunity to travel out of country. Better enjoy it, though. As far as romantic vacations go, Spies Rejser implies it might be your last.

(via Boing Boing, image via Spies Rejser)

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